Pictures from Sognefjellet

We had a great camp at Sognefjellet and had loads of good training!
The surroundings are absolutely amazing and makes the many hours
of hard training way more fun.
Me and Ole Martin Storlien also had a great 2nd session of backcountry skiing.
We went to Austabottentind and had a blast down the couloir!
Les mer... [ 21.06.14 18:46 ]

Bad Shape? Camp Trondheim and Sognefjellet

After a great camp in Alicante, we are now
back to camp life. We had good meetings and seasonplanning in Spain,
and now we're in our first "real" training camp of the year.

We were jumping in Knyken and Trondheim, and the start was pretty good.
At least waaaay better than last year.
Now we are at Sognefjellet for some skiing.
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