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Reaction from 4 milligrams of tuberculin. after 24 hours, io2.6°-99° F. Malaise. Case VI. — Male, aged sixty years. Arthritis; pro- nounced tuberculous by Dr. Shaffer. Slight reaction from 1 milligram of tuberculin; marked after benicar uk 2 benicar discount card milli- grams: Temperature before, 99°-ioo° F. ; after 6 to 12 hours, 99 - 1 02. benicar equivalent 4 F. ; after 12 to 24 hours, order benicar online 102.4 - 102. 8° F. ; after 24 to 48 hours, io2.8°-99° F. Head- ache, pain in ankle, malaise. Subsequently 2 milligrams were given again without reaction. The question arose as to the establishment of tolerance by repeated doses. A year previously this man had had a similar attack in the same ankle, lasting two months. Thickening about bones of left ankle. Chest asymmetric (retracted?), poorly de- 5 milligrams of tuberculin: Temperature before, ioo°-98° F. ; after 6 to 12 hours, 98°-ioi.4° F. ; after 12 to 24 hours, ioi°-99° F. ; after 48 hours, 99 F. Chilly, headache, malaise. After 1 benicar alternatives milligram, chilliness, local irritation, pain in throat. Case IX. — Male, aged twenty years. Cavity, right apex, sweating, anemia. Reaction from 1 milligram of tuberculin : Temperature before, ioo°-99° F. ; after 6 to 12 benicar hct tablets hours, 99°-io2.2° F. ; after 12 hours, io2°-99.4°F. ; after 24 hours, 99°-ioi.4° F. This reaction not being fully satisfactory, 3 milligrams were given nine days later. Temperature before, ioi°-99°F. ; after 6 to 12 hours, 99°-io3.5° F. ; after 12 hours, i03.5°-99.2° F. ; after Digitized by Google 526 THE TUBERCULIN TEST. [Medical News 24 hours, 99.2°-io2° F. Temperature as cost of benicar hct observed on the chart is convincing that it was a reaction. Case X. — benicar generic name Male, aged thirty-six years. T. B. in sputum. Cavity. Reaction from 1 milligram of tu- generic name for benicar berculin: Short duration, 101.3 F. at the end of 16 hours. A week later, reaction from benicar hct prices 2 milligrams : Tem- perature benicar canada before. 98 -o8.6 F. ; after benicar savings card 6 to 12 hours, benicar generic equivalent 98.6°-io3.2° F. ; after 12 hours, io3.2°-ioi° F. ; after 24 hours, ioi°-99.6° F. Vomiting, headache, malaise. Case XI.— Female, aged twenty-three years. T. B. in sputum buy cheap benicar ; cavities both apices. Reaction from 5 milli- grams of tuberculin: Temperature before, 96.6°-98° F. ; after 6 to 12 benicar hct cost hours, 98°-io2.2° F. ; after 12 hours. ipheral neuritis. Not tuberculous in general appearance; no cough. Slight reaction from 1 milligram of tubercu- lin: Temperature benicar generic alternative buy generic benicar before, 98.5°-99°F. ; after 6 to 12 hours, 99 - 1 00. 4 F. ; after i2hours,ioo.4°-99° F. benicar hcl ; after 24 hours, 99°-99.2° F. Slight reaction from 3 milli- grams; highest, 100. 2 F., returning to 99 F. within 48 hours. Case XIV. — Male, aged benicar htc forty years. Pleurisy with effusion two years before. Emaciated, looks tuberculous; dulness, exaggerated voice and breathing in apex, rales ; irregular temperature, no expectoration. Reaction from 2 milligrams of tuberculin : Temperature usually ioo°- 10 1. 5 F. ; before injection, 99.8°-ioo.4° F. ; after 6 to Case LVIII. • Name, ,/nt.ftA. m ^JUr ££ DaU / .Q^.*Jy. jtJ •** 5> /rf/ Hou* 1*\ \ X* \ & : **" U 4/ V ! ! ! I "I i ; ! lonv

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