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syphilis. Poorly nourished ; slight cough; slight dulness, breathing harsh, few rales, not constant, in upper order celexa canada right lobe. Continuous temperature for eleven weeks. His- buy celexa 40 mg tory negative ; no sputum. One, 2, 3, and 5 buy cheap celexa milligrams of celexa prices us tuberculin given. No malaise ; slight elevation of tem- perature, not considered a reaction. Case XXXV. — Male, aged forty-two years; maltster. Cirrhosis of liver. No reaction from yi or 1 milligram of tuberculin. Died. No autopsy. j. Cases (sixteen in number) reacting, in which celexa manufacturer discount program tu- berculosis was clinically suspected. Case XXXVI. — Female, aged twenty-four years. Diagnosis : Tuberculosis order celexa no prescription of ovaries or peritoneum ; gen- eral abdominal pains and tenderness during five celexa cost without insurance months ; loss of flesh. Reaction from 1 milligram of tuberculin : Temperature before, 98.2°-99.6°F. ; after 6 to 12 hours, 99.6°-99.4° F. ; after 12 hours, 99. 4 - 102. 6° F. ; after 24 hours, io2.6°-ioo° F. Headache, malaise, increased abdominal pain. Nine days later, 1 milligram again given : After order celexa online 12 to 24 hours, temperature, ioi°-ioo.5° F., with malaise. Six days later, 2 milligrams : Temperature, 1 2 to 24 hours after, io2.8°-ioi.6° F. One week later, 2 milligrams : Temperature before, 98°-98. 2 F. ; after 6 to 12 hours, 98.2°-io2.8° F. ; after 12 hours, 102. 8°- 101.5 F.; after 24 hours, ioi.5°-98.8° F. Malaise, moderate local irritation. Case XXXVII.— Male, aged forty-five years. Diag- nosis: Tuberculous ankle. Father and sister celexa generic cost died of phthisis. Ankle swollen, muscles of leg atrophied. Re- action from 5 milligrams of tuberculin twice : Temper- ature before, 99.2°-97.8° F. ; after 6 to 12 hours, 97. 8°- Digitized by Google S 28 THE TUBERCULIN TEST. [Medical Nxwt ioo.5°F. ; after 12 hours, ioo.5°-ioi.8° F. ; after 24 hours, ioi.8°-99° F. Pain in foot, general malaise. Case XXXVIII. — Male, aged eighteen years. Tuber- culous arthritis of knees and elbow, opinion of Dr. N. M. Shaffer. Negative family history. Duration, five years. Slow reaction from 2 milligrams of tuberculin: Temperature before, 98.4°-ioo.5°F. ; after 6 buy celexa to 12 hours, ioo.5°-ioo.2° F. ; after 12 hours, ioo°-ioi.6° F. ; after 24 hours, 1 01. 6°- celexa price comparison 1 00. 2 F. At a subsequent injection of 2 milligrams, temperature rose to 100. 6° in 14 hours, and in 70 hours to 102° F. ; then fell to normal, and so remained. Case XXXIX.— Female, aged fifty years. Abdominal nodular masses. Bloody fluid aspirated from peritoneal and right pleural cavity. Loss of flesh, anemia, sputum. generic celexa vs celexa No T. B. found. Moderate reaction from 1 milligram of tu- berculin. Malaise, nausea. Greater reaction from 2 milli- grams three days later. Five days celexa discount card later, temperature be- fore, 98.8°-99°F. ; after 6 to 12 hours, 99°-ioi.8° F. ; after 12 order celexa hours, ioi.8°-09.2° F. ; after 24 hours, 99. 2 - 99. 8° F. Vomiting, malaise, abdominal pain, and pain in right side. Case XL. — Female, aged thirty-six years. Diagnosis : Lobar pneumonia and pleurisy (tuberculous?). Consolida- tion persisting for weeks ; rales for two and one-half months ; profuse night-sweats ; temperature varying from io3°-98° F. Negative family history. Moderate reac- tion from 1 milligram of tuberculin. No malaise ; reac- tion slight and not characteristic from 2 milligrams. Re- action from 3 milligrams: Temperature before, 99. 8°- 98 F. ; after 6 to 12 hours, 98.8°-99.4° F. ; after 12 hours, 99. 4°-i 02. 4 F. ; after 24 hours, io2°-ioo° F. Pain in back and general. Patient left hospital in improved general condition ; slight dulness and few r ales. Eighteen days later returned for examination : Slight dulness, no riles ; condition good ; improved in flesh and strength ; does her own washing. Case XLI. — Female, aged twenty-three years. Hem- iplegia (hemorrhage), and malaria (plasmodium found). Small frame; looked tuberculous; expectoration (no T. B. fpund). Reaction from 1 milligram of tuberculin : Tem- perature before, ioo°-99° F. ; after 6 to 12 hours, 99 - 99. 5 F. ; after 12 hours, 99.5°-io3.8° F. ; after 24 hours, io3.8°-99° F. Chill 6 hours after in jection ; sud- den rise of temperature, and sudden fall ; spleen large, Plas- modium found. Five days later, 1 milligram of tubercu- lin: Temperature before, 98°-99.4° F. ; after 6 to 12 hours, 99°-io2.8° order celexa online no prescription F. ; after 12 hours, io3.6°-ioi° F. ; after 24 hours, ioi°-99° F. Malaise, local irritation. Guinea-pig did not develop tuberculosis. Case XLII. discount celexa — Male, aged forty-five years. Chronic lead-poisoning (painter) and chronic nephritis. Dulness, right apex anterior, subcrepitant rales. Poorly nour- ished. Reaction from 3 milligrams of tuberculin : Tem- perature before, ioo°-99° F. ; after 6 to 12 hours, 98. 2 - 101. 4 F. ; after 12 hours, ioi.4°-ioi.7° F. ; after 24 hours, ioi.7°-99.5° F. Headache, nausea, malaise. Case XLI 1 1. — Female, aged buy celexa canada seventeen years. Ar- thritis of right ankle; edema, pain, redness. Hemop- tysis once in life* Slight order celexa without rx dulness and exaggerated voice at apex. Does not look tuberculous. Slight reaction from 2 milligrams of tuberculin. Pain in chest. Reaction from 3 milligrams (twice): Temperature before, 97. 2 - 98 F. ; after 6 to 12 hours, 98°-io2.2 F. ; after 12 hours, io2°-io2.8° F. ; after 24 hours, io2.8°-99.4° F. Vomiting, malaise. After five weeks, still pain and order celexa line

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