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Case LV. — Male, aged twenty-two years. Poor devel- opment ; chronic hydrarthrosis ; fluid purchase cipro online clear ; no growth on blood-serum. Reaction fair (1 01. 9 F.) from 2 buying cipro online milligrams of tuberculin. Second injection of 2 milligrams : Tem- perature before, 98°-99.6° F. ; after 6 to 12 hours, 99. 6°- 102 F. buy cipro online ; after 12 hours, io2°-ioo° F. ; after 24 hours, ioo°-99.6° F. No symptoms. Patient under observa- tion three months; condition unchanged. Case L V I. — Male, aged thirty-four years. Malaria ; neg- tive personal and family history. Three milligrams of cipro cost tuberculin gave good cipro 250mg reaction, and no malarial organ- isms found: Temperature before, 98.2°-98° F. ; cipro 250 mg after 6 to 12 hours, 98°-ioo° F. ; after 12 hours, ioo°-io2.2° F. ; after 24 hours, io2.2°-99.2° F. Subsequently did not react to 4 milligrams. Case LVII. — Female, aged sixty years. Varicose ulcer of^leg. Subcrepitant rales in both bases on en- trance. Reaction from 3 milligrams of tuberculin (tem- perature 103.4 F.), local and constitutional. Reaction from 4 milligrams : Temperature before, 97.4°«98. 5 F. ; after 6 to 12 hours, 98.5°-io2° cipro 500mg F. ; after 12 hours, 102 - 103. 2 F. ; after 24 hours, io3.2°-ioo° F. General malaise, vomiting. Subsequent injection of 3 milligrams gave 1 04. 6° F. within 12 hours. Malaise, vomiting, and local irritation. Six injections given, reactions from buy cipro 3 and 4 milligrams. Case LVII I. — Male, aged forty-six years. Lateral sclerosis. No evidences of tuberculosis. cipro price Reaction from 3 milligrams of tuberculin: Temperature before, 99°-99.4° F. ; after 6 to 12 hours, 99.4°-ioi.4° F. ; after 12 hours, ioi.4°-ioo° F. ; after 24 hours, ioo°-99° F. Three milligrams subsequently produced no reaction. Question — whether tolerance was established. j. Cases (two in number) not reacting, in which tu- berculosis was clinically suspected. Case LIX. — Male, aged fifty-two years. Pleurisy, serofibrinous (pneumonia eleven years before); loss of flesh. Dulness, persisting four weeks after aspiration, with moderate irregularity of temperature. Thirty ounces of fluid aspirated ; no growth on blood-serum. No reac- tion after % or 1 milligram of tuberculin ; after 2, uncer- tain. Patient left hospital. Case LX. — Male, adult cipro cheap Emphysema; hemoptysis. cipro online pharmacy Sister died of phthisis. Winter cough, expectoration, sweating. Two hemorrhages, bright blood, on day of admission. Rales over upper right front and back. No T. B. found. No loss of flesh. Left hospital with lungs clear of rales. No reaction from 1, 2, or 3 milligrams of tuberculin. Dr. James felt certain this patient had tuberculosis. 6. No reaction. One case afterward proved tuber" culous (autopsy). Case LXI. — Female, aged twenty-six years. Brain tumor, which cipro 250 on autopsy proved to be spindle-cell sar- coma — pressing upon the pons sufficiently to deform and displace it. In addition to this there were found at one apex a few adhesions, a number of old caseous nodules, and price of cipro a few recent tubercles cipro online in near proximity. This case was never suspected to be tuberculous ; examination of lungs negative. No reaction from 1, 3, or 5 milligrams of tuberculin: Temperature before, 96°-ioo° F.; with 1 milligram after 6 to 10 hours, 98 F. ; after 12 to 24 hours, ioo° F. ; from 24 to 48 hours, 97 F. After 3 milligrams, highest temperature was 98.4 F. After 5 milligrams. 99. 8° F. was the highest temperature 12 hours after injection. Question — Did pressure upon thermic centers cause the fluctuation of temperature and interfere with the test ? TOTAL, SIXTY-ONE CASES. Group 1. — Reacting, tuberculous, 16 cases. Group 2. — Not reacting, not tuberculous, 19 cases. Group buy cheap cipro 3. — Reacting, clinically suspected, 16 cases. Behaving as expected, Groups 1, 2, 3, total 51 cases; eighty-four per cent. Group 4. — Reacting, clinically doubtful, 7 cases. Group purchase cipro 5, — Not reacting, clinically suspected, 2 cases. Digitized by Google 530 MEDICAL PROGRESS. [Medical News Group 6. — Not reacting, proved tuberculous, i case. To return to the two principal inquiries of the paper, vix.y in this test (i) is there any harmful result to the pa- tient and (2) any help to the diagnostician? i. There was no possible injury observed in any case. 2. Of the total 6i cases, 51, or eighty-four per cent., did what was clinically expected, /. e. t the diagnosis was sustained. The figures say that but 5 out of 6 tests confirmed the clinical diagnosis. Here let the answer to the second in- quiry stand. In this contribution cipro hc to the discussion we have not brought forward the cost of cipro experiences in animal tests for tuber- culosis, nor referred to the cipro order frequency with which small, unsuspected, tuberculous lesions are found at autopsies.

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