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The practical value of the test is to be worked out on cleocin suppositories the lines employed in this investigation. We have sought, so far as a limited number of cases can serve, to put forward answers to two practical inquiries and await an accumula- tion of experience to furnish the answer as to the practical value of the test. If the tests were to be made on a second 61 patients, using the same strength solution of tuberculin, I would avoid slowly increasing doses. Tolerance may have been established in certain cases. These points have, how- ever, been interrogated without definite results. For in- stance, after slowly buy cleocin t increasing doses, patients have reacted to 5 milligrams of tuberculin. Again, patients have re- acted to 2 milligrams, and have not subsequently reacted to 4 milligrams. Patients occasionally reacted again to 4 milligrams. Patients occasionally reacted to a small dose, failed on intermediate, and reacted cleocin t pads again to larger doses. These reactions and failures cleocin 100 mg have thrown doubt upon certain cases, and all doubt has been testimony against cleocin iv a favorable judgment on the action of tuberculin. In an effort to secure judicial fairness, the tendency has been to make the results less favorable than perhaps they should be. Again, the last case (61), proved tuberculous, the presence of "a few recent tubercles" about old cheesy masses, surrounded by firm adhesions — this can be as- sumed to correspond to the cases reported by veterinary commissions. Cattle having small recent tuberculous masses cleocin topical solution or glandular tuberculosis most commonly show more pronounced reactions than those having advanced tuberculosis. Just how active the •• few recent tubercles" may have been one cleocin 900 mg cannot say, but here is a case, proved tuberculous (beginning?), in which the test failed. Yet it must not be forgotten that the patient's temperature was fluctuating, and the lesion, brain tumor, sufficient to seri- ously disturb the physical economy. The effect of this upon the test no one can state in the light of present ex- perience. As a result of the experience here recorded it is to be advised : 1. To be sure of the quality and strength 1 of the tuber- culin used. 2. To begin, in adults, with 1 milligram ; if there is no 1 Dr. Trudeau in a subsequent communication expresses a doubt as to the possibility, at the present time, of producing tuberculin of standard strength. reaction after an interval of two or, better, three days give 3 or 4 milligrams. SUMMARY. The present list comprises sixty-one cases. Sixteen patients believed to be tuberculous all reacted to the test. Nineteen patients believed not to be cleocin phosphate tuberculous all failed to react. Sixteen patients clinically believed to be, but never proved, tuberculous, all reacted. Fifty-one patients, eighty-four per cent (the above), behaved clinically as was expected. Seven patients, clinically doubtful, reacted. Two patients, clinically suspected, failed order cleocin online to react. One patient, subsequently proved tuberculous (autopsy 44 a few recent tubercles "), failed to react No harm to any patient from the cleocin suspension test. Local irritation (never suppuration) occurred in both tuberculous and non-tuberculous cleocin tablets patients at the site of injection ; no significance. Constitutional reaction has a fairly characteristic tem- perature curve, with headache, local pains, malaise. It is the personal conviction of the writer that with further study of dosage and methods of administration, cleocin cream acne the tuberculin cleocin 600 mg test will prove to be a material aid in diag- nosis of latent tuberculosis. To Dr. H. S. Carter, house physician, I wish to ex- press my appreciation of his never-ending devotion to the details in connection with this cleocin antibiotic investigation, and of his good observation and judgment. MEDICAL PROGRESS. Treatment of Wounds by Steam — Beyer (Deutsch. Med. Wochenschr., February 24, 1898), observing cleocin cost the sat- isfactory results which follow the use of steam as a disinfectant for surgical dressings, has applied it to gran- ulating wounds, abscesses, etc., to facilitate cicatrization, directing upon them at a distance of 50 cm. (20 in.), a jet of steam at a cleocin topical gel temperature of 53 C. (127 F). The results were most cleocin 2 favorable, and ulcerations which were resistant to treatment rapidly healed under the influence of the steam. Concussion of the Brain and the Use of the Seton This is a time when physicians are again trying the famed remedies of olden times, blood-letting for instance, and it is therefore of interest to read (Berl. Klin. Wochenschr. February 21 1898) that Heidenhain has employed a seton with success in six cases of concussion of the brain with resulting complications such as dizziness, pain, etc. In all of the cleocin t acne cases mentioned, remedies of various sorts had been tried without effecting a cure, while the intro- duction under aseptic precautions of a seton of linen, through the thick skin of the back of the neck, did cleocin oral not fail in a single instance to bring about a cure. The seton was daily removed and a fresh piece of linen, smeared with an irritating salve was introduced, while the whole was covered with a light dressing.

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