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tions as the years go by. The analogy is so intimate that each may throw some light upon the other. combivent inhaler price CORNELL'S MEDICAL COLLEGE. In accordance with the anticipatory announce- ment in the columns of the Medical News, the Board of Trustees of Cornell University has formally established a medical department to be located in New York City, and has accepted the combivent inhalers retiring mem- bers of the Medical Department of the New York University as its faculty. This medical school will be known as the Cornell University College of Med- icine. The establishment of combivent udv the medical department at this time was made combivent mdi possible by the munificent combivent inhaler coupon Digitized by Google 532 TWO WAYS OF REGARDING CARBUNCLES. [Medical Nbwi gift of Colonel Oliver H. Payne amounting to half a million'dollars. The buy combivent location of the buildings has not yet been definitely determined but will be in the vicinity of Bellevue Hospital. The requirements for graduation will be a four- years' course of study. Two full years of the med- ical curriculum will be credited to the student who has gone through the literary department of Cornell University. This is in conformity with the rule which obtains in the Law Department. In accord- ance with the charter of Cornell University the hold- ers of State scholarships will receive free tuition in the medical school as well as in other departments of the University. This department will also come under the uniform regulation of being open to women as well as men. The following is the roster of the faculty as far as it has been appointed: William M. Polk, Dean and Professor of Obstet- rics and Gynecology; Lewis A. Stimson, Professor of Surgery; Rudolph A. Witthaus, Professor of Chemistry, Physics, and Toxicology; W. Gilman Thompson, Professor of Medicine; George Wool- sey, Professor of Anatomy and combivent neb Clinical Surgery; Henry P. Loomis, Professor of Materia Medica, Therapeutics, and Clinical Medicine; J. Clifton Edgar, Professor of Obstetrics; F. W. Gwyer, Pro- fessor of Operative and Clinical Surgery; Irving S. Haynes, Professor of Practical Anatomy; Joseph E. Winters, Professor of Diseases of Children; New- ton M. Shaffer, Professor of Orthopedic Surgery; Gorham Bacon, Professor of Otology; Irvin Sick- els, Assistant -Professor of Chemistry and Physics; W. F. Stone, Instructor in Anatomy; Assistant- Demonstrator in Anatomy; George D. Hamlen, Instructor in Obstetrics and Gynecology; Lewis W. Riggs, Instructor in Chemistry; Percival R. Bolton, Instructor in Surgery; Warren Coleman, Instructor in Clinical Medicine; Edmund P. Shelby, Instructor in Materia Medica and Therapeutics; John Rogers, Assistant- Demonstrator in Anatomy; S. Connors, Instructor in Medicine. In connection with the resignation of the mem- bers of this faculty from the University of the City of New York, the question arose whether the hos- pital positions occupied by them would be vacated by their resignation or whether they would buy combivent inhaler carry the hospital position with them into the new school, thus securing the opportunity for clinical instruction in the new field. This has been definitely settled by the recent decision of the Commissioner of Char- ities, in which he decrees that no member of the visiting -staff loses his hospital position by resigning his professorial chair in a medical school. If this ruling holds, and at present there seems no reason to doubt it, the new school will spring full-fledged into existence and active clinical work. TWO WAYS OF REGARDING CARBUNCLES. Physicians of New York and its vicinity, and probably of a much more extended area, have recently received reprints of two articles upon combivent coupon the treatment of carbuncles; one written by a well-known surgeon, and the other by an equally celebrated dermatologist. The methods of treatment advocated in the two arti- cles are so radically combivent price different that a comparison of them is most instructive, the more so as the writers agree upon the causes cheap combivent which produce a carbuncle, combivent coupons and both affirm that the customary treatment by poultices and combivent dosage incisions is painful and dangerous. The surgeon says: "If all such (fatal) cases were enumerated they would represent quite a respectable figure. 1 ' The dermatologist says: "The last patient incised (by him) died from this and other compli- cations, but there has not been a single case with such result in my practice since. ' ' If combivent inhaler treatment by incision is so unsatisfactory, how combivent inhaler coupons shall it be combivent nebulizer improved? In their answers to this question our friends take opposite views. Says the surgeon, "the affected area is combivent dose filled with deadly bac- teria which will cause a slough of the immediately surrounding tissue, and may buy combivent online even spread further. Therefore, to avoid this risk as well as to save time, let us take out the whole thing. M He makes a combivent cost cir-

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