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been reputed a center for leprosy, but precise information has not hitherto been obtained on account of the lack of trustworthy statistics. Rumania alone has been noted for correct information and systematic investigation with .regard to this question. Dr. Ehlers, in the course of a long journey in the Balkans, has come across lepers al- most everywhere throughout the peninsula. Crete also seems to abound with them. "The Cretan lepers," he says, "present all the ordinary symptoms of leprosy as seen elsewhere, but the disease is less severe there than it is in the countries of the north. This difference is un- doubtedly due to the climate. " — London Lancet, March 26. Personal Efforts in Opposition to the Antmvisectbn Bill. — Dr. Howard A. cytotec cheap Kelly recently sent out a circular order cytotec online letter asking various members of the profession to use their per- sonal influence with senators and congressmen to secure their opposition to the Antivivisection Bill now before Congress. Pursuant to this request, the editor of the Medical News sent urgent letters to both of the New York senators. In response thereto Senator Piatt replied that be is committed to a policy of opposition cytotec mg to that measure, and will do all he can to defeat it. Senator Murphy promises that the matter will where to buy cytotec have his very earnest attention. Is it not possible that a sufficient number of influential letters may secure a more pos- itive statement from the latter official? cytotec order Letters cytotec price should be at once written to the various representatives as well as cytotec 200mcg to the senators. Night Duty for Adolescents. — Under this heading the Medical Press and Circular (London) says: "It would Digitized by Google 534 ECHOES AND NEWS. [Medical online pharmacy cytotec News be difficult to exaggerate the services rendered to the pub- lic by the admirable organization which provides for the prompt services of messengers at all hours of the day and night. Nevertheless, one cannot but commiserate the fate of the lads who are called upon to pass the night on this fatiguing duty, especially when, as is often the case, they are of microscopic dimensions, and, therefore, presum- ably of very tender age. It cannot be doubted that the employment on night duty of undeveloped and still grow- ing boys must be fraught with grave danger to their fu- ture careers from a physical point of view, and we would suggest to the managers of these institutions the propriety of restricting night duty to youths not buying cytotec less than sixteen years of age. Otherwise, it may be necessary to agitate for cytotec cost an amendment of the existing laws on the employ- ment of labor, in order to protect these willing little workers against themselves. Obituary. — Dr. George Hoppin Humphreys died on the 15th inst. at his residence in New York City. He was born in Philadelphia in 1834. He studied in the Uni- versity of Pennsylvania, and was graduated from Jeffer- son Medical College. He completed his medical studies in Paris and Vienna, and came to New York in 1859. When the war broke out he joined the Ninth Regiment, Hawkins' Zouaves, as surgeon. After the war he settled in New York as a general practitioner. Dr. Humphreys was a member of the Academy of Medicine cytotec 200 mg and the County Medical Society, and also of the Loyal Legion, and the Century and Union League Clubs. — Dr. Joseph F. Colgan of Brooklyn, died cytotec 400 mg April 8 th of acute tubercu- losis. He was a native of that city, born there about thirty-two years ago, and has been in the practice of his profession there since cytotec 200 mcg March, 1890, which was the date of his graduation at the Long Island College Hospital. He was a young man of excellent attainments, and of high promise. The duration of his final illness was about four months. He was unmarried. The American Orthopedic Association. — The next annual meeting of this association will be held at Boston, May 17, 18, and 19, 1898. In addition to a very com- plete and interesting scientific program, the local mem- bers of the association have evidently prepared an un- usual variety of entertainment A visit has been planned to the Industrial School for Cripples and Deformed Children, where the methods of instruction will be ex- plained and the school inspected. A clinical session will be held on the afternoon of the first day of the meeting at the Children's Hospital. Cases online cytotec of interest will be shown and the work-shop and museum will be inspected. In the evening an extra session will be held at the Harvard Medical School, and a paper and demonstration on "Tu- berculosis of Bones and Joints" will be given by Dr. Edward H. Nichols, of Boston. Drs. Warren and Councilman will discuss this paper. Members are also invited to visit the Boston Normal School of Gymnastics (founded by the late buy cheap cytotec Mrs. Hemenway for the purpose of physical training and massage). A carriage drive will be taken through historic Boston, including Cambridge. Smallpox in North Carolina. — The most recent cases of smallpox in this State were in Clay county, and Dr. San- derson, Superintendent of Health of that county, writes that the patients are all well. purchase cytotec Considering the unpromis- ing surroundings of the imported cases, the local au- thorities have done well. In Wilmington two cases oc- curred, both individuals cytotec buy online being infected in South Carolina; no deaths ; no extension. In Charlotte, total number of affected persons was five, three infected in South Caro- lina and two (children of one of the three) taking the disease from the father ; two deaths ; no further extension. One case, from Birmingham. Alabama, occurred in Ala- mance county, near Gibsonville. buy cytotec This was the only case there; recovery. A young cytotec on line man returning from North

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