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AN EDITOR IN CRIMINAL ANTHROPOLOGY PROVES TO BE A SWINDLER — DRUNKENNESS, UNCON- SCIOUSNESS FROM OTHER CAUSES, AND IMPRISON- MENT — SPRAINED ANKLES UNDER ROENTGEN-RAYS — CYCLOTHERAPY AND THE BICYCLE IN SURGICAL THERAPEUTICS. Berlin, April 14, 1898. German medical men are having a quiet laugh at a novel bit of practical experience which some distinguished experts in criminology have had, the details of which are just coming to light in the course of the trial of a swind- ler. About a year ago a new medical journal was started here, the publisher being a well-known Leipzig medical publishing-house, with the title Journal of Criminal An- thropology, of Prostitution, and of the Prison Question. The 100 mg doxycycline names of some distinguished German and foreign, notably Italian, criminal anthropologists appeared among the co-editors. The editor had never been heard of be- fore ; however, this did not count for much as editors are sometimes obscure, overworked beings about whom few people bother their heads. The "journal" apparently successfully reached the end of its first year, and in sev- eral prominent journals of neurology and mental diseases there appeared complimentary comments on the publica- tion in question, and congratulations on the fact that at last Germany, which has not accomplished much in the field of criminology, had an doxycycline 100mg organ of its own for the doxycycline order ex- pression of its opinion on these subjects, Then there was a period of silence for awhile, followed by the arrest of the editor, who proved to buy doxycycline be a swindler well known to the police, and who had been imprisoned for swindling some four times during the past fifteen years. This doxycycline online time he masqueraded under the title of a Doctor doxycycline where to buy of Philosophy, and he would seem to have been in a better position to know practically the ground facts in criminol- ogy and the "ins and outs" of the prison question get doxycycline even more thoroughly than his contributors, though some of them were very distinguished criminologists. His exposure came as a result of an attempt to transfer the publication of the magazine to another publisher, and it is the publishers who are prosecuting. Just how much the distinguished criminologists have paid for their bit of practical experience in criminology is not known. The ex-editor is doxycycline to buy evidently an illustration of the proneness of genius to perversion — a principle upon which modern criminal anthropologists have been insisting. A brochure from the defendant and the plaintiffs in the case would, it is thought, make interesting reading, and throw some new light on certain problems in social criminology, which the incomplete observations of interested parties on the Amer- ican genus — the bunco-steerer (habitat, United States) — have how can i get doxycycline unfortunately left obscure. The lesson of the case for the medical where can i get doxycycline public would seem to be the ease with which a new and pretentious journal may be started, find a publisher and co-editors with- out any responsible sponsors, and this without the formal- ity of an introduction. In the flood of matter issuing from the press little heed is paid, even in supposedly scien- tific matters, to the scientific value, or authenticity of the material. The only question, in many cases, seems to be: -Will it sell?" Three arrests of persons in coma, with the detention of the individuals over night in prison because drunkenness was suspected, have taken place doxycycline cheap during the winter in Ber- lin, and have led to some vigorous protests on the part of medical men. how to get doxycycline As practically all Germans take some al- coholic liquor with their meals, vomiting in case of un- consciousness is always accompanied with some alcoholic odor, and easily awakens the where can i buy doxycycline unfounded suspicion of in- toxication. In purchase doxycycline one case, a short time ago, the detention in a doxycycline mg cell over night, without medical care, of a young man whose unconsciousness came on suddenly as a result of epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis, would seem to have been an important factor in the fatal termination of the case. Lively protestations were made at a recent meeting of the Berlin Society for Internal Medicine against detention in prison of persons in coma, and the opinion was prac- tically unanimous that "in no case of unconsciousness should the judgment of the cause of the state be left doxycycline 100 to non-medical police officials and prison wardens." The condition of affairs which lead up to these protests, which here are to have some effect as the police authorities have already taken cognizance of them, practically exists all over and some remedy must be found in the interests of true humanity. In the meantime, what is "everybody's business is no one's business " and until some philan- thropist specially devotes his attention to the subject the abuse is doxycycline purchase online likely to continue. Most doctors have had experience with troublesome sprains of the ankle, painful and inconvenient for the patient at the moment and with tendencies to recur which no care seems to be able to prevent. A German army- Digitized by where to get doxycycline Google April 33, 1898] TRANSACTIONS OF FOREIGN SOCIETIES. 537 surgeon who has had the bothersome treatment of a number of such cases in the young soldiers of the infantry regiments, has found that they are how to buy doxycycline not simple sprains. He has been taking Rontgen-ray photographs in every case, and has found that in nearly all some complication

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