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Dr. L. Stieglitz concurred in the diagnosis of syr- ingomyelia, and remarked that at the last meeting he had presented a counterpart of this case, in which no sensory symptoms were present, and also a typical case of syringo- myelia. He thought it was not uncommon to find these cases without sensory symptoms. Dr. cost erythromycin ophthalmic Onuf said that in a joint investigation, made by Dr. Collins and himself, they had found that the zone situ- ated between the central ganglia on one side and the end of the lateral horn on the other, and between the base of the posterior and anterior horns, is intimately connected with sympathetic functions. They had found that atrophy of the cells of the lateral horn occurred in a cer- tain group (the lateral, the central ganglia, and in the whole zone between), and that this atrophy was partly due to sensory and cheap erythromycin partly cost erythromycin to motor fibers. The motor- fibers originate from the smaller cells of the zone men- tioned. This being the case, it is evident that syrin- gomyelia could present very different pictures, depending upon the particular locality affected. In the case under discussion the sympathetic symptoms are very marked in connection with the eye, and the diarrhea and the .lateral curvature may also be considered as belonging to the same class. In three instances they had extirpated the stellate ganglion in cats. This was usually followed after some weeks by a diarrhea price erythromycin gel which was most persistent and exhausting. This ganglion is supplied chiefly by the upper dorsal nerves. Dr. M. Allen Starr said that the combination of the sympathetic paralysis with ulnar-nerve paralysis he had known to occur in one online erythromycin case of undoubted gumma on the anterior surface of the cord. The gumma was ab- sorbed after a time. The condition had been undoubt- edly produced by pressure on the anterior nerve roots. Dr. Collins said that he had been largely led to make the diagnosis of syringomyelia in this case by the experiments that he had conducted in conjunction with Dr. Onuf. There was nothing else which would pro- duce the four prominent symptoms, vim.: the diarrhea, curvature of the spine, atrophy of the hand muscles, and the Schultze eye. ■ Dr. Hirsch presented a young woman who was an example of total unilateral congenital sweating of the face. She complained that half of the face would become red and moist while the left half remained dry and of normal color. She never sweats on the left side of the face. He had experimented with hypodermic injections of different drugs. Physostigmin had had no effect at all. Pilocarpin, injected hypodermically, caused perspira- tion all over her face, for the first time in her life, but, of course, this was only transient. The fact that in this case absence of perspiration is associated with vasomotor symptoms seemed to be in favor of the view cost erythromycin gel that the vasomotor-centers and the how much does azithromycin cost sweat-centers are at least in- timately connected. The condition is confined to the face. Dr. STarr remarked that a case of purchase erythromycin this kind, occurring in a man twenty-three years of age, had been entirely cured in his clinic by boring out the turbinated cost erythromycin topical bones. Dr. Fraenkel presented a young boy, who had come cost erythromycin eye ointment under his observation about price erythromycin ophthalmic ointment three months pre- viously, with a diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis, buy cheap erythromycin be- cause of an attack of hemoptysis. He had been well up to two years before; then he began to suffer from Digitized by Google April 33, 1898] NEW YORK NEUROLOGICAL SOCIETY. 54i shortness of breath. On admission to the Montefiore Home, the cost of erythromycin 500mg head was turned to average cost erythromycin one side, there was in- spiratory stridor, a moderate amount of exophthalmos, swelling of the neck, and tachycardia. The physical ex- amination of the chest was practically negative. The tumefaction in the neck was lobulated and moved up and down cost erythromycin ophthalmic ointment during deglutition. Under treatment with thyroid extract he had decidedly improved subjectively, and had gained fourteen pounds in body weight. The tachycardia had disappeared. The case was interesting as showing the difference between genuine Basedow's disease price erythromycin india and the secondary or symptomatic form. Dr. C. E. Nammack asked if Hodgkin's disease had been excluded. order erythromycin Dr. Fraenkel replied that a brother of this patient had twice had tuberculous glands removed, and there had been good reason to believe that this might be a case of Hodgkin's disease, but it had been excluded: (1) by the absence of other evidence of lymphatic involvement ; (2) by its long duration ; (3) by examination of the blood ; and (4) by the mobility of the swelling in the neck on deglutition, showing its connection with the thyroid gland. Dr. B. Sachs presented a man, fifty-one years of age, whom he had first seen about one week before. The patient had been married twenty-seven years. Six years ago his first wife had been afflicted with the same af- fection as the one from which he now suffers. The patient himself bad been in price erythromycin ointment good health in former years, and he still weighs 230 pounds. He bad been an extremely heavy drinker, chiefly of beer, taking at times as much as fifty price erythromycin philippines or sixty glasses daily. Syphilitic infection could not be determined. He had been in good health up to January 12, 1898, when, while attending the funeral of a friend,

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