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hereditary ataxia, the disease located partly in the pos- terior, and partly in the lateral columns of the cord. REVIEWS. The Principles of Bacteriology. A Practical Manual for Students and Physicians. By A. C. Abbott, M.D., Professor of Hygiene, University of Pennsylvania. Fourth edition, enlarged and thoroughly revised. Philadelphia and New York : Lea Brothers & Co., 1897. A GOOD proof of the value of this book and the demand estrace cream coupon for it lies in the fact that the fourth edition has been reached within six years. Since the publication of the last edi- tion some important advances in bacteriology have been made, and estrace price we find them fairly well reflected in the pres- ent revision. We are more than surprised, however, to find that the bacillus of syphilis is still mentioned as one of the bacilli likely to be confounded with the bacillus of tuberculosis, and the differential points in the technic of staining are mentioned to guard against errors, but the author fortu- nately states later on that in the examination of sputum and pathologic fluids the syphilis bacillus will most likely not be encountered. We feel assured that on this point most observers will agree at the present time. We are pleased to note that in discussing the differential features between the typhoid bacillus and the bacillus coli commune the author lays stress on the characteristic reaction of the former when serum from a typhoid- fever case is added buy estrace cream (Widal). Heretofore the diagnosis between these organisms has always been a source of much anxiety and annoyance. The book has been so often reviewed and so much said in its favor that we must be pardoned if we content our- selves by simply adding estrace cost that it still holds its own with any of the manuals on the subject and that it is deserving of the highest praise. A more extended index estrace coupons would, how- ever, be much appreciated by the student. The book is well bound and printed, and several new illustrations have been added. A Manual of Medical Jurisprudence. By Al- fred Swaine Taylor, M.D., F.R.S. estrace estradiol Revised and edited by Thomas Stevenson, M.D., London, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of London, etc. Twelfth American, edited, with citations and additions from the Twelfth English, Edition. By Clark Bell, Esq., of the New York Bar. New York and Philadel- phia: Lea Brothers & Co., 1897. This work follows the same general plan as did the eleventh edition, which was published some five years ago. Some of the sections have been extended and estrace online re- vised, notably the chapter on the examination of blood- stains. This chapter includes the valuable tables of measurement of blood-corpuscles by the late Dr. Tread- well of Boston and Professor M. C. White of New Haven, together with light plates from estrace for ivf photomicrographs of human and other red blood -corpuscles in various grades of am- plification. The estrace 2mg entire question of blood-stains in estrace creme its medico-legal bearing is of such vital importance that each contribution to this subject is of the greatest value to every microscopist. In the chapter on death from electricity the autopsy estrace 2 mg notes in estrace tablets the estrace 1 mg cases of four criminals executed by electricity are given. So many observations in fatal cases of sun- stroke have been made in the past two years that the chapter on this subject should have been revised. Hyp- notism in its medico- legal bearings does not receive the consideration which its importance demands. The book contains a vast amount of valuable informa- tion, and its shortcomings buy estrace online are few. For physicians, law- yers, and teachers of forensic medicine the work is ad- mirably suited, and the highest credit is due to the editor and the publishers. Spinal Caries (Spondylitis or Potts* Disease estrace cream of the Spinal Column). By Noble Smith, F.R.C.S. estrace and ivf Ed., L.R.C.P., London. Second edition. London: Smith, Elder & Co. In this monograph of 150 pages the author desires to confirm the conclusion expressed in a former edition that spinal caries is generally a curable disease, but that suc- cess in treatment depends, above all things, upon accu- rate support of the spine. An account of the pathology and symptomatology of the disease, together with its differential diagnosis, is presented. The various types of deformity are demon- strated by numerous outline drawings, and the phases and peculiarities buy estrace in the course of the disease as inter- preted by different physicians are exemplified by the cita- tion of cases from hospital records and from medical journals at somewhat tedious length. An account of cases in the author's practice fills twenty pages of the book. Some of these are of interest as show- ing the course or outcome of the disease and others are quoted to prove the superiority of the "adjustaole splint" as a means of treatment contrasted with the plaster jacket, which had been previously applied at other institutions. The brace used by the author and the method of ad- estrace ivf justment are practically identical with the original appli- ance of Taylor, which was described by him in 1 863. The book presents nothing new, either in form or sub- stance, unless it estrace coupon be the practice of boring into the spinal processes to relieve local pain, on the theory that it is due to tension, the result of the disease of the adjoining ver- tebral bodies. Digitized by Google

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