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April 33, 1898] REVIEWS. 543 The principles and the details of treatment are, how- ever, presented in a satisfactory manner, and if, as the author hopes, it may serve to impress upon the surgeon the importance of personal attention to the proper ad- justment of support in contrast with the practice of leav- ing such details in the hands of femara tablets mechanics, its publication order femara online will have been justified. The Eye as an Aid in General femara cost Diagnosis. A Hand-book for the Use of Students and General Prac- titioners.. ByE. H. Linnell, M.D. Philadelphia: The Edwards & Docker Co., 1897. The author has given us a valuable compendium, well arranged, clearly written, and exact. After a short chap- ter on the general eye symptoms of nervous and constitu- tional disease, the purchase femara affections of the individual structures of the eye and of its appendages are purchase femara online discussed success- ively. The chapter on the field of visions and the buy femara online visual disorders due to lesions implicating the intracranial course femara mg of the optic-nerve fibers is particularly thorough, while femara online necessarily brief. There are special buy femara divisions on " Reflex Neuroses," on •• Ocular Affections of Toxic Origin," " Toxic Amblyopia," and, finally, a most important sum- mary of the ocular symptoms attending and following general anesthesia. The work is printed in large, clear type on excellent paper. Unfortunately, its appearance is marred by numerous typographic errors. "Myosis" is a spelling which should no longer appear in scientific works. It has no philologic relationship to "myopia," and should be •• miosis," or, better, •• meiosis." •'The Edinburgh Medical Journal," Edited by G. A. Gibson, M.D., F.R.C.P., Ed. New Series. Vol I. Edinburgh and London: Young J. Pentland, 1897. If every succeeding volume in the new series of this famous journal equals in interest the present one, it will undoubtedly have its full share of public recognition. The bound volume before us contains numerous articles of scientific interest written by men eminent in medicine. There are lengthy book reviews, reports of societies, and, in each number, a department of recent advances in medi- cine. The editing is carefully done, and altogether this volume of the Edinburgh Medical Journal is a thor- oughly up-to-date, progressive publication. Twentieth Century Practice: An Interna- tional Encyclopedia of Modern Medical Science. By leading Authorities of Europe and America. Edited by Thomas generic femara L. Stedman, M.D. In Twenty Volumes. Volume XI I. Mental Diseases, Childhood, and Old Age. New York : Wm. Wood & Co., 1897. Dr. G. F. Blandford of London contributes the article on insanity, and begins by emphasizing the truism that " disorders of the mind mean disorders of the brain, and that the latter is an organ liable to disease and dis- turbance ; like other organs of the body, to be investi- gated by the same methods and subject to the same laws. " Among the causes of insanity we fail to find even a mention of poisoning by cocain, ergot, tobacco, mercury, salicylic acid, iodoform, and the bromids; we miss, as well, a description of many other causes of insanity, all of which one would expect to find in an " Encyclopedia of Medical Science." It is much to be regretted that in an article so ably written we should be forced to note these and other omissions. The chapters on the prevention of insanity and on the " Insane and the Law " are, however, very complete and well written. The section devoted to idiocy comes order femara from the pen of Paul Sollier of Paris, and is as complete and compre- hensive an account of the subject, for its size, as we have ever read. Professor Lombroso contributes a short article on criminal anthropology, written in his usual interesting style. The causes and symptoms of old age are discussed by Dr. J. Boy-Teissier of Marseilles, while Jules Comby of Paris writes on the diseases of children, exclusive of the infectious diseases and rachitis. The article is concise and buy cheap femara comprehensive, but is written as if for medical students instead of for medical practitioners. We regret that the eminent Physician-m-Chief to the cheap femara Hopital Trousseau has not contributed more from the great fund of knowledge that we know he possesses. Diseases of the Stomach.— Their Special Pathology, Diagnosis, and Treatment, with Sections on Anatomy, Physiology, Analysis of Stomach Contents, Dietetics, Surgery of the Stomach, etc. By John C. Hemmeter, M.B., M.D., Ph.D. Philadelphia: P. Blakiston, Son & Co., 1897. This volume, notwithstanding the avowed purpose of the author to treat his •• subject concisely," is expanded into a work of large magnitude. The author either must have lost sight of his purpose or have found that the ma- terial at bis command exceeded his expectations. The reviewer takes decided exception to the statement of the author that in this special field of clinical medicine " the names of Austin Flint, Pepper, Osier, and Delafield are as well known as those of Kussmaul, Senator, Noth- nagel, Leube, Ewald, and Boas in Germany, or Hager, Bouveret, Debove, and Mathieu in France. No one will detract from the eminence of the American authors men- tioned, femara price their fame having been attained by the brilliancy of their work in the general field of clinical medicine ; but what work in the special line of gastric diseases, may we

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