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ask, has justified the author in placing these names on the same pedestal as Kussmaul, Leube, Ewald, and Boas ? Why has the author not added to the latter the name of Riegel of Giessen, whose work on ,4 Die Er- krankungen des Magens " in Nothnagel's system is per- haps one of the purchase finpecia best, if not the best, work on the subject finpecia online of stomach diseases in any language ? Professor Riegel has finpecia cipla done as much original finpecia price work in this special field as any of the men abroad who are so specifically indicated by the author. As to the present work, the reviewer desires to call at- tention to the fact that if the purpose of the author to be concise were followed, much could be abstracted, much could be condensed, finpecia 1 mg and still the value of the book would not suffer. The book contains, indeed, much of real worth, Digitized by Google $44 THERAPEUTIC HINTS. [Medical News and its contents arc presented in a very fluent, agreeable, and pleasant style. Part I. finpecia canada deals with the anatomy and physiology of the digestive organs and with the methods and technics employed in diagnosis. Part II. contains the therapy and materia medica of stomach diseases, . and could be very well condensed into finpecia buy a much smaller com- pass without detracting from the dignity finpecia cost and importance of the subject. order finpecia Part III. is called •• The Gastric Clinic," and presents the subject of diseases of the stomach. Even this part finpecia fda will admit of condensation. A very complete bibliography accompanies the vari- ous chapters, and still we miss the names of some American writers finpecia uk on stomach diseases. The author, it is true, correctly states that there are but few American laborers in this field, but mention of some of the few has been neglected. The work deserves careful reading, as it presents its facts clearly, and represents the status of knowledge in this special field up to date. The book is handsomely printed, reflecting credit upon the publishers. A Handbook of Midwifery. By W. R. Dakin, M.D., B.S. (Lond.), F.R.C.P., Obstetric Physician and Lecturer on Midwifery and Diseases of Women to St. George's Hospital. Illustrated. New York, Lon- where to buy finpecia don, and Bombay: Longman's, Green & Co., 1897. In this book the author presents a work intended for students and junior practitioners. He has arranged the subject in two parts — physiology and pathology — each of the elements of pregnancy, labor, and the puerpery being considered in detail in each division. In the first part the development of ovum and decidua and the diag- nosis of pregnancy are finpecia india particularly dwelt upon. We note that the author prefers making a diagnosis of the duration of pregnancy from the instrumental measurement of the fetal ovoid rather than from the height of the fundus uteri. His peculiar terminology, the "lie" of the fetus, refers to the relation of the long axis of the child to that of the mother. He thus distinguishes longitudinal, trans- verse, cephalic, and pelvic "lies." The physiology and management of labor are next finpecia hair loss con- sidered, chloroform being the anesthetic of choice. finpecia 1mg The physiology of the puerperal period and of the new-born child occupy cheap finpecia ihe succeeding seven chapters. Under the pathology of pregnancy the author recommends induction of labor if an existing albuminuria does not diminish or disappear under appropriate treatment. His treatment of eclampsia consists in emptying the uterus by a preliminary puncture of the membranes, awaiting the advent of pains, and, if these are delayed, the application of the forceps if the child is alive; craniotomy if it is dead. Diapho- retics, cathartics, sedatives, and venesection are the ad- ditional measures advocated. The immediate removal of the sac is advised as the only satisfactory (and the author might have added rational) method of dealing with an ectopic gestation. Chapters on the obstetric operations, the pathology of labor, the puerperal period, and the new- born buy finpecia uk child complete the book. Walther's position, which is advised when it is necessary to increase the conjugate diameter for the use of the forceps in flat or generally contracted pelves, and thrombus vaginae and hematoma of the vulva are considered in appendices. The work is a thorough review, and is a safe modern guide for the stu- dent and practitioner. It is conservative, as, for example, in the treatment of puerperal septicemia, but it is thor- oughly digested and comprehensive. The illustrations are more than usually profuse, and, for the most part are orig- inal. The heavy paper and fine typography aid in making this one of the most attractive of recent works on obstetrics. THERAPEUTIC HINTS. loao-mercurial Treatment of Nephritis. — Campbell Black has treated a number of patients having acute finpecia online pharmacy or subacute nephritis by the administration of the following mixture. buy finpecia online This effected a rapid subsidence of the renal congestion, with the gradual disappearance of the albu- minuria and other symptoms : Q Hydrarg. chlor. corros. gr. i-ii Potass, iodid. . . . . 3 Hi Syr. simpl |i

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