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with the fighting efficiency of the whole, and yet sufficient to assure the combatants that if disabled in the perform- ance of their duty they will not be cast aside as useless in- cumbrances. Any one familiar flomax alternative with the construction of a modern flomax 0.4 bat- tleship will readily see the impossibility of caring for wounded men as in the days of wooden ships. The ob- ject of making closed compartments is to have them closed in time of action. The object of battle-plates is to have them screwed on in time of battle. By as much as these precautions are neglected, by so much is the effi- ciency of the fighting machine decreased. flomax online In the tops, in the superstructure, and in some of the living spaces men may be reached and cared for, but never again in modern warfare will the sick bay be the place where all the wounded will be brought during an action, and where the surgical staff will expend all of its energies. It is more than probable that future sea fights will be short and bloody, and be fought at short range. With modern rapid-fire guns, all exposed parts of a vessel would soon be cleared of the living occupants and heavy armor would be the only protection. Further on Dr. Van Reypen says: Meanwhile the importance of first aid is clearly mani- fest. This first aid can only be rendered by comrades. The thorough instruction of the whole ship's company in the efficient manner generic for flomax of thus administering first aid can- not be too strongly urged. One of the first duties of the surgical staff of a newly commissioned vessel should be the drilling of flomax cr the crew in the cost of flomax proper methods of control- ling hemorrhage from different parts of the body, the removal of foreign bodies from wounds, and the placing in positions of injured or broken limbs. They should also be taught how to carry a man up or down through narrow hatches, over obstacles, or through contracted or tortuous passages with the least fatigue to themselves and the greatest comfort to the wounded. In many instances it would be impossible to use a cot or any form of stretcher ; under these circumstances the only alternative is that the disabled should be carried. The fighting space allotted, especially in turrets, is so contracted that the immediate removal of a disabled or wounded man is of the utmost flomax for women importance. There is no unoccupied space in the turret where he could be laid aside, out of the way of the gun -workers, until action is over. His presence would temporarily disable the gun. The only practicable method of caring for him is flomax cost to lower him to the partially cleared space at the base of the tur- ret, either by the ammunition-hoist or lashed in a ham- mock ; even here he would receive only temporary aid, as the space is too limited for the performance of any oper- ation. Here he must remain until a favorable opportu- nity arises for his transfer to the central station. On the vessels that remain afloat after a modern naval engagement, the decks will be much flomax price encumbered with wounded, such first aid as was possible will have been given to them, but their comfort and well being will by no means be enhanced by retaining them on board the ves- sel. Naval engagements will not be likely to take place under the lee of a shore hospital, and humanity demands that wounded men shall have speedy transfer to the place where they can be best cared for, flomax tamsulosin and that place can be none Digitized by Google 546 COMMUNICATION WITH YELLOW FEVER. [Medical Nkws other than an ambulance-ship. Such flomax in women a vessel should be as much a component part of a fleet as the admiral's flag- ship. It would greatly add to the morale of the men be- hind the guns, when they went into action, if they price of flomax saw near at hand a commodious hospital, with all the appli- ances for their care and comfort, and under the superin- tendence of skilled medical officers. This vessel should be solely and entirely an ambulance-ship, with a crew only sufficient to work the alternative to flomax ship, and all her available deck room given up to quarters for sick and wounded. Such a ship is the " Solace " which has been ar- ranged to include as many conveniences as is practica- ble. She is primarily a vessel adapted for the care and welfare of sick and flomax women wounded men, and all other considerations are made subservient to this end. She has a displacement of 3600 tons, and an average speed of flomax generic 14 knots; is 352 feet on the load-line and about 370 feet over all. Forward, below is a tank of 27,000 gallons capacity. The ship carries powerful steam-launches and barges for transferring generic of flomax the sick and wounded at sea. On the upper deck on both sides there are steam- winches for hoisting and low- ering the wounded, or boats, which can be used simultaneously. On the uppermost deck are some flomax 0.4 mg of the officers' quarters and offices; on the next deck, forward, is an operating-room, 30x30 feet, well lighted, and magnificently equipped with aseptic hospital furniture of the best pattern, and the outfit of instruments, sterilizers, dressings, etc., is complete in every detail. The floor is so tiled that it can be flomax prices easily cleaned and slipping avoided. A dressing- room and a dispensary adjoin the operating-room. On this deck are mess rooms for the officers of the ship, for wounded officers able to be about, and for the petty officers of the what is flomax ship. There is a lounging- and smoking-room for those able to be on deck. On the engine-room deck is a fully equipped steam laundry, with a drying- room, and a disinfect-

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