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ing-chamber for wash clothes. An ice-machine has been set up, and a cold-storage room of good size is ready for use. The ship is equipped with three large formaldehyd generators. There are numerous purchase flovent online staterooms for wounded of- ficers, and the men will be berthed in spacious wards in the forward and after parts of the flovent online ship, below, which will be ventilated by powerful blowers and supplementary electric fans. buy cheap flovent The vessel is heated by steam fluticasone salmeterol and lighted by electricity throughout. There will be accommodations order flovent online for about 350 patients. There are four medical officers attached to the ship; three apothecaries, one fluticasone nasal of whom is a trained nurse and an embalmer; eight graduated nurses from the Mills Training School, Bellevue Hospital; two laundry men; a cook, and four mess attendants for the sick and wounded, complete the medical depart- ment of the ship. As'soon as an action is over the steam-launches of the "Solace" will tow their barges alongside fluticasone nose spray the ships that have been in action, and the wounded will be lowered into them, and the boats will return to the ambulance-ship, when the wounded will be brought flovent price on board and placed in the surgeons' care for treat- ment. With the facilities at hand the results ought to be excellent. In no sense is the "Solace" a hospital ship. When it is found that a second action is not impending she will steam to the nearest hospital and place her sick and wounded on shore for treatment, and will then rejoin the fleet. Should the army invade Cuba, it will probably fall to her lot to transfer its wounded flovent mg to Key West. The vessel is more properly designated an "ambulance ship." The ship will fly the Red Cross and will be pro- tected by the articles of the Geneva Convention. COMMUNICATION WITH A TOWN INFECTED WITH YELLOW FEVER. 1 By H. R. CARTER, M.D., SURGEON, MARINR HOSPITAL buy flovent online SERVICE. An infected town is a source of danger to its neighbors, whether it be declared in a purchase flovent state of nasal spray fluticasone quar- antine or not, because a certain amount of illicit communication will occur, especially if the cheap flovent epidemic be prolonged. In my experience, the rigid non- intercourse rule, if continued for considerable peri- ods, is less safe than carefully regulated com- munication. The object then is to formulate general rules under which commerce through and from in- fected places can be carried on (1) with the greatest safety to other communities, and (2) with the least in- convenience. The measures to be taken to some extent vary from a sanitary standpoint with the degree of in- fection of the place and from a commercial one with the extent of the interests involved and the way in which these interests are involved. The problem, even considering only the risk of conveying infec- tion, which naturally is the first consideration, is of extreme fluticasone propionate nasal intricacy and only a general outline, flovent cost to be varied in particular cases, can be given here. Railroad Traffic through an Injected Toivn. — (1) A passenger train shall not stop in an infected town nor shall the windows or doors be allowed open while the train remains in the affected locality; and no communication shall be allowed between the passengers or train-crew and the town. (2) Freight traffic through such a town shall be with- out stopping. (3) In cases where stopping in town is absolutely necessary for freight traffic, and also when the town is large and the infection general, fluticasone spray a special crew shall take the train through the town. The relay stations where these changes are made 1 Read at the Meeting of the Interstate Quarantine Convention, Held at Atlanta, Ga., April 12, 1898. Digitized by Google April 30, 1898] USE OF QUININ IN MALARIAL HEMOGLOBINURIA. generic flovent 547 shall be under sanitary order flovent supervision. (4) Sanitary in- spectors shall be stationed in the town. Railroad Traffic from an Infected Town. — (Through traffic, /. e. , to points incapable of receiv- ing yellow- fever infection, to be designated here- after as "points North.' ' The places capable of receiving infection being designated as "points South.'') (1) Freight. Freight of any usual kind in sealed cars can go without hindrance through to destination. (2) Empties. Empties must not stay in an infected town or if parked in such a locality, must be disinfected. Flat cars must be swept clean. Box cars made mechanically clean and dry must be sent open to the relay station where they are to be inspected for tramps. All fruit cars must be disin- fected. (3) Mail. Through mail, not distributed South, buy flovent needs no quarantine restrictions save disinfec- tion of bags. Parcels, except mercantile sample packages, shall be barred. (4) Passenger. Traffic to

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