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points North can be allowed by preventing all chance of such passengers conveying infection en route, either by themselves leaving the train en route or by returning to points South, or by fomites mainly contained in their clothing. This traffic must be on special cars reserved lor these passengers and prefer- ably on a special train. A sanitary inspector must accompany them through the quarantined territory, under whose absolute charge the train is. The coaches which carry these passengers must be disin- fected before they return South. Duties of Inspectors. — Train inspectors must be properly relayed, and those running from the infected town should be immune. If they sleep in other than clean territory they must be immune. Passenger Traffic. — (1) Direct passenger traffic from an infected town to points capable of receiving infection must not be allowed. (2) Immunes may go to such territory after disinfection of baggage without detention. (3) Others must pass a time sufficient to glucophage online cover the period of incubation of yellow fever, ten days, and not be exposed to any infection during this period, before being allowed to enter this territory. Relays of Trains. — (1) All train crews from an infected town must be changed, and not allowed to have direct communication with certainly clean territory. This should be done at a non- infected place as isolated cheap glucophage as possible, a siding rather than a station and certainly not in a town. (2) Everyman, mail- agent, expressman, and train -butcher must make this relay, unless we know he is going North not to return to points South, in which case he glucophage mg is like a through passenger. Pullman crew to be re- layed. (3) None of the merchandise of the train- butcher, unless disinfected papers be excepted, must pass the relay. No possible fomites must pass the relay to the crew bound North, and as little com- munication as possible, none save such as is neces- sary for the run of the train, is allowed. The relay must be under the supervision of a sanitary officer or officers (two are generally required) whose position is one of great buy glucophage online responsibility. At these stations a very careful search for tramps must be instituted. (4) The camps for the North and South glucophage xr crews must be at a considerable distance from each other, and the run of trains should be arranged so as to have the crews order glucophage in camp as little as possible. For passen- ger trains there need be no delay; for freight trains generally there must be relays and their crews must go into camp. (5) Occasions may arise where it is necessary to guard the glucophage xr 500mg Southern glucophage cost relay camp by a number of guards, price of glucophage as if it were a camp of deten- tion. It must never be allowed to become infected. If it does the camp must be moved. (6) Laundry of Pullman cars must not be done in infected places. Steamboat Communication. — This can be carried on: (1) By relays like railroad trains. (2) By glucophage buy super- vision of the landing of freight and loading of same so as to prevent communication between the people ashore and the boat. This is generic for glucophage confessedly difficult, but possible. THE USE OF QUININ IN MALARIAL HEMO- GLOBINURIA, By ALBERT WOLDERT, M.D., OF PHILADELPHIA. For many years the discussion regarding the use of quinin in malarial hemoglobinuria has lain almost dormant, the majority of physicians of large experi- ence being in favor of the administration of quinin in this condition, but Bastianelli again brings forward testimony of physicians who are still under the impres- sion that there is a glucophage 500mg certain form of hemoglobinuria in which quinin is the causative factor and in which its administration is distinctly productive of glucophage sr harm. Tamaselli, Spyridon, Canellis, and Pasquale Mus- cato have recorded cases of cost of glucophage hemoglobinuria occurring during an attack of ague and caused by quinin, and Karamitza speaks of a case in which hemoglobinuria could be produced in a student upon the exhibition of five grains of this glucophage price drug. Laveran tells us that Tamaselli maintains that quinin is capable of producing not only tablet glucophage hemoglo- binuria, but also an icterohematuric fever, which can be easily confounded with a similar form of fever occurring in hot countries. Plehn, Richardson, and others also hold to the opinion that quinin may cause hemoglobinuria. Bastianelli admits that these cases are extremely rare in Italy and that no case has ever been reported glucophage diabetes from the Campagna. He states that the instances Digitized by Google 54 8 glucophage tablets USE OF QUININ IN MALARIAL HEMOGLOBINURIA. [Medical News of spontaneous hemorrhages due to the. use ofquinin occur in those individuals who have recently had an attack of malarial fever, although the plasmodium cannot be found in the glucophage generic blood at the time of the on- set of the hematuria. This observer divides the spontaneous hemoglobinuria into three classes: ( i) Those in which the blood contains esti vo-autumnal parasites or young hyaline forms 5(2) those in which

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