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pected glaucoma. Differences of resistance will be ob- served not only when pressing upon the soft parts, but almost as plainly when pressing over the ribs or sternum. Palpation practised in this way will define more accurately than percussion the exact areas of the heart, liver, and 5 6o THERAPEUTIC NOTES. [Medical News spleen. Spots of thickening, probably due to a previous pneumonia or motilium cost pleurisy, have often been made out by the writer, who strongly recommends this method, which he has tested in every possible way, including experiments upon the dead body. Auscultatory percussion is a valuable method of phys- ical examination, but too much has sometimes been claimed for it. If the stethoscope be placed over some organ in contact with the chest, and a finger used to make light taps in the vicinity, the exact size of the portion of the organ in contact with the chest can be accurately de- termined, not, as has sometimes been claimed, the size of the whole organ. The limits of a dilated stomach or in- testine may be made out, or the fissures between the lobes of the lungs, a point often of importance in phthisis, as the spread of the tuberculous process to the middle lobe is a serious matter and always indicates a late stage of the disease. The retraction of the apex of one lung and the level of domperidone motilium the fluid in pleurisy are easily made out by means of auscultatory percussion, while they can only be buy motilium online determined by the acute and practised ear, by simple cheap motilium percussion. Hence, this method of examination, which was advocated long ago by Laennec, should not be al- lowed to fall into disuse. THERAPEUTIC NOTES. Hydrocyanic order motilium Acid as an Antidote to Chloroform. — Hobday {Lancet, January i, 1898), having observed the different effects of hydrocyanic acid and chloroform when used to produce death in animals, conceived the idea that the former drug might be used as an antidote to the latter in case of an motilium tablets 10mg overdose. So successful has it proved in ex- periments upon animals, that in the Royal motilium mg Veterinary College in London, when operations upon animals are performed, there motilium online are kept on hand no other stimulants than ammonia and Scheele's acid. If the animal goes into collapse the tongue is drawn well forward, motilium domperidone 10mg and a full medicinal dose of the motilium price acid is placed well back upon it. Artificial respiration is performed with the animal in the horizontal position on the side, and when respiration com- mences the ammonia is held under the nostrils. The stimulating effect of the acid upon respiration is almost instantaneous, and continues about twenty minutes. The dose required for a dog or cat is about 1 minim for each «ight pounds of body weight. If an overdose is given the fumes of chloroform will readily control the spasms until the effect passes off. Scientific Treatment of Chronic Gonorrhea — VALENTINE {Clin. Recorder, January, 1898) motilium generic has published an article upon "Chronic Gonorrhea," of which the following is a summary : 1. There are no incurable cases of chronic urethritis. 2. All drugs suggested for the treatment of chronic gonorrhea are soon relegated to motilium 10 merited oblivion. 3. The only efficacious method of treating chronic gonorrhea is by dilations, as proposed by Oberlander, followed motilium canada by irrigations, without a motilium tablets catheter, of the urethra or bladder or both. 4. Urethral fever or other disturbance does not super- vene after urethral instrumentation followed by irrigation. 5. Carefully conducted dilations and irrigations are not painful. 6. Gradual, careful pressure by dilators is preferable to the use of sounds in the majority of cases. 7. The effect of dilations is to stimulate absorption of the infiltrations. 8. Functional disturbance and nervous symptoms are improved very early in the treatment. 9. Chronic urethritis can be purchase motilium exceptionally diagnosed and successfully treated, but never pronounced cured without the aid of the urethroscope. Antipyrin and Quinin in Influenza. — Landouzy {La Pr esse Med., January 29, 1898), has this to say of the treatment of influenza: **The pressing indication to be met in asthenic patients lies in the state of their forces which need sustenance. Stimulating remedies should oc- cupy the first place. Thus, alcoholic liquors, diffusible stimulants, and tonics should be made the basis of medi- cation. For a number of reasons antipyrin ought not to dethrone the salts of quinin in the treatment of influ- enza, but should march behind them or at motilium uk their side to render assistance when needed. The salts of quinin, se- lected and administered with judgment, will not only con- trol many of the pains of the disease, but motilium pharmacy will relieve the weakness and stimulate the patient. Without exaggera- tion one may almost say that quinin meets every symptom of influenza, being at once stimulating, tonic, and anti- infectious. The rule should motilium buy be to make quinin the medicin of choice, antipyrin the medicine of necessity." Treatment of Syphilis in the British motilium imodium Army by Injections of Mercury.— Lambkin {British Medical Journal, February 19, 1898), thus describes the advantages of the treatment of syphilis in the British army by injections of mercury :

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