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The resolution suggesting that manufacturers or shippers employ and pay a sanitary inspector ap- pointed by the Marine Hospital Service may not meet with ready acceptance, but such action would redound to the profit of a buy naprosyn tablets business house, because of the confidence inspired by inspected and practi- cally guaranteed goods. The regulations formulated for isolating and stamping out the disease, and those for preventing its spread by railroads, steamboats, or other means, seem possible and likely to prove ef- ficacious. Particular care seems to have been ex- ercised in obtaining the minimum degree where can i buy naprosyn of inter- ference with traffic compatible with the maximum degree of protection. Uniform restrictions, though rigid, will be found much more tolerable than the erratic, despotic exactions of local quarantine officers, such as naprosyn generic naproxen have characterized naprosyn sr 1000 mg past epidemics. The methods of disinfection endorsed are simple and efficacious. The following are considered efficient germicidal solutions: 1. Bichlorid of mercury, acid, 1-1000. 2. Carbolic acid, pure, five-per-cent. solution. 3. Trikresol, two-per-cent. solution. 4. Solution of formaldehyd, 1-500 (which is two parts of a forty-per-cent. solution of formaldehyd to twenty- five parts of water. 5. Solution of hypochlorid of calcium (chlorid of lime). Reliance is not placed upon these agents alone but for special purposes sulphur dioxid, formaldehyd gas, steam or boiling are recommended. The interstate quarantine regulations adopted by this convention are practically those formulated by the Marine Hospital Service, and it was largely due to the presence of Surgeon H. R. Carter of that service that the business of the convention was so scientif- ically conducted naprosyn costochondritis and speedily concluded. A more Google Digitized by 5 62 ECHOES AND NEWS. [Medical News intelligent body of men has scarcely ever assembled in the South, and their work is bound to result in un- told good to their own section and to the whole country. THE DUTY OF TH E S TATE RE S PEC Tl there generic naprosyn HO THE AFTER CARE OF VACCINATIONS. Dr. Calcott Fox, dermatologist to the Westmin- ster Hospital, London, who has written previously on the best precautions against the occasional untoward results following vaccination, takes up the subject again ec-naprosyn generic in the London Lancet, as given below. He is also known as a consistent advocate of antiseptic methods in this procedure. His letter in the naprosyn ec fort 500 mg Lancet, for Feb. 12, says that " a distressing case of post- vaccinal erysipelas which has just come under my observation prompts me to ask once more naprosyn 500 mg oblong yellow tablets whether it is not desirable and practicable to take some further steps to much does naprosyn cost lessen can you get high off naprosyn 500mg the chances of similar dis- asters. "The State ordains that for the good of the in- dividual and the community a certain inoculation should be practised. The operator satisfies himself that the inoculation is successful, but after that naprosyn ec 500 mg pl the State takes no further interest in the matter and the wounds are left to heal as best they may, subject to the chances of various contaminations. No doubt these disasters are infrequent, but when they occur they make an indelible impression upon a more or less considerable section of the ec naprosyn rxlist community. It is use- less to explain that the vaccination was not the direct cause but that the erysipelas might just as well have followed a cut or a scratch. It is these preventable accidents which are responsible for very much of the feeling against vaccination, and very naturally so too. Is it not the duty of the State, having carried out the operation, to naproxen 500mg generic naprosyn see that the wounds heal under proper conditions?' ' Dr. Fox answered his own question very positively by say- ing that in the case of such operations the au- thorities are not quit of their responsibilities until naprosyn gel costo each such operation has been conducted to a close. This proceeding undoubtedly does mean considera- ble additional trouble and care " but it naprosyn sr tablet 1000 mg is none the less the duty of the authorities to carry it through." PATHOLOGIC DEPARTMEHT OF COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, H. Y. In the Bulletin of the University, for March, Professor Prudden has an entertaining lecture on the growth of pathologic teaching in the medical de- partment of the College naprosyn 500 mg oral tablet of Physicians and Surgeons. The ec-naprosyn price number of teachers and assistants therein at the present time amounts to nineteen. It is the aim to provide buy naprosyn 500mg at least one instructor for each fifteen to twenty students who take the practical course. Five

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