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curative serum produced by Professor Lustig and himself. Patients at the Arthur Road Hospital have been placed at his disposal, and some few have undergone the treatment and have recovered. Homeopathy in the University of Munich. — At a recent meeting of the Financial Committee of the Bavarian Par- liament, says the British Medical Journal* Herr Land- mann proposed that a University Chair of Homeopathy be established in the University of Munich. The Min- ister replied that the university, to which the question had been referred, had replied that the need of such a chair was not felt, inasmuch as homeopathy was not a science. A similar incident, which ended in like man- ner, occurred not long ago in the Wiirtemberg Landtag. generic name for nexium A Fire Extinguishing Powder. — A public exhibition has been made in Brooklyn of the powers of a powder called 'kilfyre, " to put out fires. A pine structure, with a sixteen- foot flue, was put up in one of the small parks ; it was then well covered with kerosene and tar and set on fire. The exhibitor allowed the flames to gain good headway before he applied the powder. Four seconds after the latter was scattered over the pyre the roaring mass was a blackened ruin, every spark having been put out. It is claimed that this powder is especially adaptable for use in public meet- ing-places, as schools, churches, theaters, etc. The Peabody Bui/dings of London — A London newspaper says of the huge blocks of Peabody buildings, scattered in various parts of that city, that they are not to be considered among the pleasant sights of the streets ; we can hardly associate with them the idea of a cosy is there a generic nexium home. Neverthe- less, plain and indisputable figures show that they are healthier places than the average London home, and that is a high though not a final test of fitness. While the population in them is thirteen times denser than in London generally, the death-rate of infants is nearly twenty-two per thousand below the London average ; the total death-rate is nearly three per thousand below the London average. The scheme is a paying one, as is also Lord Rowton's, which is working admirably. Would that no Londoner were worse housed than those in the Peabody buildings. Photochromography for Pathologic Illustrations. — At a re- cent meeting of the Midland Medical what is generic for nexium Society in London Mr. Christopher Martin described the process of photo- chromography order nexium samples or trichromatic printing for the production of colored illustrations of pathologic specimens, etc., and showed a number of photochromographs made by him- self. The process is as follows : Three photographs of the object are taken, on specially prepared films, through red, green, and violet glass screens. From the positives three process blocks are then prepared. The block made from the photograph taken through the red screen is used to buy generic nexium print the blue tints, that through the green screen the red tints, and that through the violet screen the yellow & Digitized By v!r\JFViVTC 564 ARMY SURGEON'S EQUIPMENT. [Medical News tints. The yellow picture is printed first ; in twenty-four hours the red picture is printed over it, and after another interval the blue. By the combination of the three-color pictures a perfect reproduction of all the tints and shades of the object photographed is obtained. Decrease in the Death-rate from Diphtheria in Germany. — The Imperial Office of Statistics recently published the re- turns of the causes of death in the towns of Germany of more than 15,000 inhabitants from the year 1885 to the year 1895. These returns show that from 1885 to 1894 there were 119,038 deaths from diphtheria or croup, the average number thus being 11,904 per annum. what is the generic for nexium The generic version of nexium maximum Jwas reached in 1893, there being in that year 15,860 deaths, and the minimum in 1888, with generic equivalent of nexium 9934 deaths. In 1895, when diphtheria antitoxin was first used on a considerable scale, generic for nexium 40 mg the number of deaths went is there a generic for nexium to 7266. The diphtheria death-rate was 10.69 per 10,000 of the population in the preceding ten years, and only 5.4 in 1895, so that the mortality had fallen 4948 per cent. Of 100 deaths 4.53 were caused when will nexium become generic by diththeria irom 1885 to 1894, and only 2.53 in 1895. The decrease of A the death-rate from diphtheria was almost uniform in every district of the empire ; the prevalence of the disease generic brand for nexium was, ^however, about the same as it had been for the last twenty years, and it is therefore unquestionable that the serum treatment has had the effect of producing a re- markable improvement. — Lancet, February what is the generic name for nexium 19th. 80 mg nexium A French'Jturse Honored. — All Americans who have been privileged^ visit Charcot's clinic at the Salpetriere will remember his favorite head-nurse, Mile. Marguerite Bot- tard ; and they will not be surprised generic form of nexium to learn that she has been decorated with the Cross of the Legion of Honor. It seems that this noble lady has been upward of fifty-six years in continuous service at the institution mentioned. ItVas in January in 184 1 that Mile. Bottard, who was then just nineteen years of age, commenced life there as a ward-nurse, and ever since, almost without a break, her time has been devoted to the care of the sick. An in- satiable worker, nexium dosage 80 mg she seldom quitted the premises, and it is reported that during a period of three years she never once crossed the threshold of the hospital. At first nexium 40 mg generic for some fifteen or sixteen years Mile. Bottard carried on her duties under the successive direction of the elder Trelat, De Falret, and Legrand du Saulle. Then she was pro- moted to superintendent of the section for nervous affec- tions under Charcot, with whom she remained until the end. He had the highest possible opinion of his faithful assistant, and often said that she richly deserved this very distinction which now has been awarded to her. Responsibility of Hospitals for Injury to Patients. — A clear statement when does nexium go generic of the law relating to the liability of a charitable hospital corporation for the negligence of its servants, resulting in injury to a patient, is to be found in the opinion handed down a few days ago by Judge Cohen of the New York does nexium have a generic City Court, denying a motion

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