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killed by antiseptics which are too strong praziquantel online for use in irri- gation. He, therefore, Mushed the suppurating joint with praziquantel mg hot water. The success which has followed the exten- sion of surgical procedures to the knee-joint in recent years has been due in no small measure to the practice of closing the joint without drainage. Haig gave the Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society, March 22d, a demonstration of some results which may Digitized by Google 568 TRANSACTIONS OF FOREIGN SOCIETIES. [Medical News be obtained byjthe use of the ammonium-chlorid process in the microscopic detection of uric acid in the blood. A minute drop of blood is praziquantel cost mixed with a similar drop of a ten-per-cent. solution of carbonate of sodium, and then with a drop of a twenty-per-cent. solution of chlorid of ammonium, and finally placed on a cover-glass. Evap- oration is prevented, and it is allowed to stand thirty purchase praziquantel minutes. If then examined with an #-inch objective, pale spheric granules are seen all over the field. The proportion which these granules bear to the red blood- cells shows roughly the amount of uric acid that is being excreted with the urine. Luff said that uric acid cannot be shown to be pres- ent in human blood, even in minute quantities, and that the same reaction as that described can be seen in goose blood, which certainly contains no uric acid whatever, and also in a solution of a mixture of cheese and caustic potash. purchase praziquantel online In reply, Haig said that he did not pretend that this was a test for uric acid, but that the number of crystals, whatever they may be, varies according to the amount of uric acid secreted by the kidneys, as can easily be proved by any one who will take the trouble to carry out the nec- essary analysis. In a case in which the proportion of these granules to the red blood- corpuscles was 1 :8, it rose upon the administration of the salicylate of soda to i :a. Rogers gave an account of the investigation of an ep- idemic of kala-azar, or black fever, which has slowly spread up the Assam Valley during the past fifteen years, carrying off at least one-fifth of the population of some districts. It was at first thought to be malaria, but in 1 889, after a special investigation, it was reported to be ankylostomiasis. Since then, however, it has been proved that the specific worms are as frequent in non-affected as in affected buy praziquantel natives, and more recent and thorough exami- nations of those attacked have shown the disease to be a severe form of malaria, of an irregularly remittent type, resistent to the action of quinin. and producing progress- ive anemia, diarrhea, and often dropsy, with enlarge- ment of the liver and spleen. The epidemic seems to have originated in an intensification of the ordinary malarial fever in a very malarious district during an extraordinary succession of unhealthy years, due to deficient rainfall. At the meeting of the Ophthalmological Society, March 10th, McGillivray read a paper on the "Aseptic Treat- ment of Wounds in Ophthalmic Surgery." Antiseptic so- lutions, however weak, have an irritating effect upon cut surfaces, and hence where to buy praziquantel their use in eye surgery has been very largely buy praziquantel for humans superseded by normal salt solution, for the anti- septic solutions when employed could only have a mechanical power of cleansing a wound; since in order praziquantel a strength suitable for irrigation they require several hours' contact with bacteria to destroy them. A description of the praziquantel price operation for praziquantel biltricide senile praziquantel tablets cataract was then given as an il- lustration of the best aseptic technic. No antiseptic is used at any time. The eyelashes are cut short to pre- vent them from coming in contact with instruments dur- ing operation, and to facilitate cleansing the margins of praziquantel 600 mg the lids. The face is washed with soap and warm water, especial attention being paid to the folds of the eyelids. The conjunctival cul-de-sac is then flushed with norma) salt solution, the lids being everted one after the other, but no mop is used to cleanse them, as it irritates their surfaces and so increases secretion. All instruments, etc, are sterilized by heat. Before and after the operation, while the speculum is in position, the eye is again flushed with sterilized salt-solution. The dressing consists of a layer of moist gauze, covered by a thin layer of absorbent cot- ton which is held in place by a vertical and horizontal strip of adhesive plaster. The other eye is not covered. Armstrong read a paper before the Harverian Society, March 17th on •• Gastric generic praziquantel Dilation, speaking especially buy praziquantel online of idiopathic dilation. The chief causes of this were said to be: ( 1) Habitual distension from chronic dyspepsia ; (2) the taking of too bulky meals; (3) bolting of food and drinking of much fluid with meals ; (4) failure of power in the central nervous system; praziquantel uk (5) neurasthenia; (6) worry, anxiety, and overstrain, mental or bodily ; (7) de- bility, atrophy, or fatty degeneration of the muscular coat of the stomach moxidectin praziquantel itself, and (8) the after-effects of febrile diseases, especially typhoid fever. Among the various methods of making a diagnosis none is more reliable than "splashing." The rules for treatment should be: (1) To distend the stomach as little and as seldom as possible; (2) to promote evacuation buy cheap praziquantel of the lagging contents of that or- gan ; order praziquantel online (3) to keep down fermentation ; (4) to regulate the dietary, and (5 to improve the tone of the general nervous system. Fuming hydrochloric acid, 6 to 12 drops in 6 ounces of water, calomel, arsenic, strychnia, and kola are remedies worth trying. While it is desirable to keep up the general nutrition, the patient should take as few meals as possible, giving the stomach time to empty itself. Bread, farinaceous foods, bulky vegetables, and milk were

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