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spoken of as being harmful in cases of dilation; what little bread prednisone tablets is taken should be twice baked or cut very thin, and thoroughly torrefied. As little fluid as possible should be taken with meals, such fluid as is required for the purposes of the system being taken one hour before food. Hare said that no one class of remedies does as much good in gastric dilation as emetics. Vomiting is prednisone online a prednisone cost much more effective method of evacuating the stomach than the tube, since the violent contraction of the muscles squeezes out a great quantity of mucus from the prednisone 20mg cells. He has, over and over again, stopped a vomiting of several weeks' duration by a single dose of ipecacuanha, 20 grains being made into an ounce draught. Morrison said that dilation of the stomach should be treated on the same principles as that of any other hol- low organ, for instance, the heart, by postural and func- tional rest, limitation of its contents, and the use of tonics to increase the muscular power. Good hart disputed the idea that dilation was the re* suit of obstruction. How rarely in cases of obstruction due order prednisone online to pyloric cancer is there any dilation. The real cause of dilation is muscular weakness, and not stricture. He expressed himself as doubtful of the good effects to be derived from posture, but spoke highly of the relief which follows the application prednisone 10mg of a proper band- buy prednisone age. Digitized by Google April 30, 1898J AMERICAN SURGICAL ASSOCIATION. 569 SOCIETY PROCEEDINGS. AMERICAN SURGICAL ASSOCIATION. Nineteenth Annual Meeting, Held at New Orleans, April ig, 20, and 21, fSpS. First Day — April 19TH. Morning Session. Dr. J. Holt of New order prednisone Orleans delivered an "Address of Welcome," after which the various committees made their reports. The President of the Association, Dr. T. F. Prewitt of St. Louis, Mo., delivered his ad- dress upon "The Future of prednisone mg the Association." After referring fully to the organization of the society and to some of its former presidents, especially to its founder, he dwelt upon the standing in the profession of its pres- ent and future members, and especially upon their con- tributions to the art of surgery. He also referred to the many signs of progress of the Nineteenth Century, among other things mentioning the railroad, steamboat, telegraph, telephone, and electric light, as well as the rapid strides made in surgery, and concluded buy prednisone online by urging the hearty cooperation of all distinguished surgical prac- titioners, writers, and teachers in enabling the Associa- tion to cheap prednisone occupy the proud position its founders destined for it. Afternoon Session. Dr. Charles A. Powers of Denver, Col., read a paper, entitled THE QUESTION OF OPERATIVE INTERFERENCE IN RE- CENT SIMPLE FRACTURES OF THE PATELLA. The author first referred to the writings of Dennis, Bull, Czerny, and Myles upon this important subject, and then commented on the two most important tests for this fracture, the structural and the functional. As to the mechanism, he believed that the majority of these frac- buy cheap prednisone tures are due to muscular action, generic prednisone in that the patient en- deavors to save himself from falling, and thus strongly contracts the quadriceps femoris. He showed, in treat- ing the question of pathology, that there are but two frag- ments in the fracture due to muscular action. The upper one generally being the larger, the fractured surfaces are, as a rule, irregular, and the line of the break transverse or oblique. The author enumerated the conditions tend- ing to prednisone price cause imperfect union and the obstacles to union as follows : 1. Separation of the fragments, due to (a) retraction of the upper fragment from contraction of the quadriceps femoris and a slight drawing down of the lower frag- ment through shortening of purchase prednisone online the ligamentum patellae, and (b) to the presence of effused blood. 2. Tilting of the fragments (this may be present to a marked degree, and unrecognizable without operation). 3. Rupture of the tendinous expansion of the vasti and of the lateral portions of the capsule of the purchase prednisone joint. 4. Prolapse of prepatellar tissues into the break. 5. Atropy of the quadriceps femoris due to (a) disuse; (b) arthritis; (c) marked contusion of the muscle; (d) blood extravasated from the joint through the rent in the upper part of the capsule. 6. Arthritis of the knee-joint. 7. Adhesion of the patella.

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