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a surgeon felt able to perform one of these operations he ought to feel equally safe in dispensing with drainage. Dr. Nicholas coupons for prevacid 24 hour Senn of Chicago read a paper, en- titled THE ETIOLOGY AND CLASSIFICATION OF CYSTITIS. After speaking at length of the anatomicophysiologic construction of the bladder, and referring cheap prevacid online to its lack of absorptive power, he spoke prevacid ac of the etiology, which he con- sidered under the following heads : 1. Predisposing causes: (a) Retention prevacid 24hr coupon of urine; (6) abnormal urine ; (c) tumors prevacid discount card ; (d) unrest of the bladder ; (e) calculus and prevacid otc 30mg foreign bodies; (/) exposure to cold; (g) venous stasis and trauma. 2. Exciting causes: (a) Infection through the urethra; (d) infection by the urine ; (c) infection generic prevacid otc from adjacent or- gans ; (d) infection from the blood, etc. After mentioning Guyon's classification, he next con- sidered prevacid 42 count this part of the subject, dividing it into (1) the anatomic, (2) pathologic, (3) clinical, and (4) the bac- teriologic. He subdivided the anatomic into paracys- titis, pericystitis, interstitial cystitis, cystitis; the pathologic into suppurative cystitis, exudative cystitis, catarrhal cystitis, ulcerative cystitis, prevacid savings card exfoliative cystitis; the clinical into chronic cystitis, acute cystitis ; and the bacteriologic into streptococcus prevacid chewable tablets infection, staphylococcus infection, bacillus coli communis infection, diplobacillus infection, sapro- phytic infection, gonococcus infection, erysipelatous in- fection, tuberculous infection. DISCUSSION. Dr. John Parmenter of Buffalo, N. Y., in refer- ence to the bladder not possessing any power of ab- sorption, mentioned his experiment of injecting eight drops of sulphuric ether in a dram of water into the bladders of twelve healthy men, and detecting the odor of ether on the breath one minute after prevacid 24 hour coupon the injection. He considered that infection is usually due to a combination of traumatism, with the presence of micro-organisms, and urged greater care in the disinfection of the urethra prevacid for sale before the passage of sounds. Dr. W. S. Halsted of Baltimore, generic name for prevacid referring to the work of Dr. Young, one of his assistants, mentioned that Dr. Young found the gonococcus occasionally present in neutral urine, sometimes in acid, and once in prevacid generic equivalent alkaline urine. Dr. Alexander of New York said that there are lymph-nodules present in the bladder and ureters, and he took exception to Dr. Senn's statement that there are no glands in the mucous membrane of the bladder. He said that free prevacid coupons sometimes these lymph-nodules give rise to a peculiar inflammation which he termed "nodular cystitis." He thought that cystitis was usually caused by retention of urine, and that in moderate cases of stricture an apprecia- ble amount of residual urine is found, and further, that sexual hyperemia results from a moderate prostatic con- gestion. In regard to traumatism, he thought it was often due to destructive diseases brought about by irregu- lar catheterization, and said that when a patient with pros- tatic enlargement is catheterized with an absolutely clean instrument infection will still occasionally occur. He also prevacid otc coupon said that if a patient is catheterized at nine o'clock in the morning, again at five or six in the afternoon, and not again until the next day at noon the resulting over-dis- tension of the bladder will produce trauma, and conse- quently, the more rapid occurrence of infection. Dr. Senn, in closing the discussion, stated that he believed the smell of ether on the breath in Dr. Parmeter's cases was the result more of a process of diffusion than of absorption and that the vesical mucous membrane does not possess power of absorption, though the urethra and neck of the bladder do. (To be continued.) MEW YORK ACADEMY OF MEDICINE — SEC TIOM OH ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY. Stated Meeting, Held March /
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