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for a better theory of the cause of congenital deformities. This price of renova monograph, which was written renova prices as a graduation thesis, is a valuable contribution to medical literature, and might well serve as a model for similar renova coupon productions. Clinical Diagnosis : The Bacteriological, Chemical, and Microscopical Evidence of Disease. By Dr. Ru- dolf von Jaksch, Professorof Special Pathology and Therapeutics, and Director of the Medical Clinic in the German University of Prague. Third English, from the fourth German, edition by James Cagney, M. A., M.D., Physician to the Hospital for Epilepsy and Par- alysis, etc. London : Charles Griffin and Company, Limited, 1897. It needs but the perusal of Von Jaksch's monumental work, in the original or in English, to refute the statement so often made by surgeons, that surgery has advanced more than internal medicine within the past twenty years. The physician of the present day, if he would prove his diagnosis beyond cavil, must be master of the arts of the laboratory and of the revelations of the microscope. The author of the work under consideration is discount renova responsible for this in no small degree. He was not only among the first to teach the newer methods of diagnosis at the bedside, but he was the pioneer author in this field when he pub- renova purchase lished his first edition of this book. Many of the clinical methods of diagnosis, too, here described and now renova cream uni- versally employed, sprang from bis initiative. The present edition scarcely needs further notice here than to announce its appearance. There is nothing omitted buy renova from the work that belongs to it, and matter was inserted, seemingly, up to the hour of going to press. Even the serum diagnosis of typhoid fever is fully dis- cussed ; the announcement of Sanarelli's bacillus of yellow fever appeared too late for insertion here, it would appear. There is no work on purchase renova online the chemic and microscopic diag- nosis of diseased states which can supplant this classic book. Others may copy from it, but Von Jaksch's will always be cost of renova unique among renova online books of its class. As in former editions, the illustrations are profuse and finely executed. The translator has done excellent work, as comparison with the original reveals, and has given evidence of bis wide reading by the numerous additions he has made to the original text. International Clinics. A Quarterly of Clinical Lectures. Edited by Judson Daland, M.D., In- structor in Clinical Medicine in the University of Penn- sylvania, etc., J. Mitchell Bruce, M.D., F.R.C.P., Physician to Charing Cross order renova Hospital, London, etc., and David W. Finlay, M.D., F.R.C.P., Professor of Practice of Medicine in the University of Aberdeen, etc. Vol. III. renova uk Seventh series. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Company, 1897. The third volume of these clinical lectures for the cur- rent year has appeared, and contains, as usual, some notable contributions. Prominent are : • • Opium ; Its Use and Abuse," by Dr. Herman D. Marcus; "The Treat- ment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis," renova price by Dr. Norman Bridge; "Hematuria," by Dr. James Tyson; an article of striking merit by Dr. Byron Bramwell on epilepsy renova cost ; ' "The Surgical Treatment of Gall-stones," by cheap renova Dr. James F. W. Ross; "Bleeding in renova canada Pregnancy and Labor," by Dr. A. H. F. Barbour, and a timely lecture by Dr. Geo. M. Boyd on "The Desirability and Importance of Locating the Site of where can i buy renova Infection in Puerperal Sepsis." With one or two exceptions, the lectures in the present buy renova cream volume are of very superior merit, and demonstrate the wisdom of pub- lishing them in this form. THERAPEUTIC HINTS. For Amenorrhea. — • aa 9 Strych. sulphat. Ac. oxalici Mangani lactat. ) t Ferri peptonat. ] ' Ext. colocynth. corap. M. Div. in pulv. No. XL. daily after meals. For Neuraothonia. — 9 Ferri arsenas buy renova online Sig. gr. 11 gr. x 3ii 3«s. One powder twice Sig. gr. iv 3 ii gr. viii gr. xlv. Two pills three times

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