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that advocated by Wolf and Kuster, in which the antrum is opened through the meatus, is more diffi- cult and not as satisfactory, as it does cheap silagra not furnish suffi- cient space for the removal of order silagra all diseased tissue, and is indicated only when mastoid infection is limited to the silagra 100 mg region immediately between the middle ear and the cheapest silagra mastoid. AUTOHYPNOTISM. By STANLEY WARREN, M.D., OP WASHINGTON, D. C. From the unusual increase in the number of sui- cides within the circle of refined, intelligent people of social position and wealth, and especially of young women who by the silagra uk laws of heredity, buy silagra uk sex, and the influence of their environments inherit and acquire refinement, gentleness, purity, and the highest con- ception silagra online of morality, with a natural horror of crime, buy silagra online pain, and death, it suggests itself to me as a silagra price cause of suicidal mania, that there must be present in such cases some auto -infection or self-hypnotism. Such a condition may result from a constant and persistent thought that purchase silagra is being daily suggested through the medium of certain special senses, at first occasion- ally, and then habitually, becoming automatic and finally auto -infective, resulting in emotional out- breaks, melancholia, hypochondria, hysteria, and suicidal mania. All mental phenomena, as we know, are the result of education or habit, for example, thought, speech, silagra 50 emotions, dreams, love of music, art, and all things beautiful, artistic, dramatic, etc. Of course, the stimulus at first comes from without, and uncon- sciously from without at all times. These external things stimulate the mind to conceive while the mind commands the body to act, and so we see music, for instance, in the finger-tips, and hear it in the trained voice, although it is born within, and so all of the attributes of mind become material and silagra tablet active in the body. The neurologist is often confronted with cases in which his intuition and experience warn him that the mental condition of his patient is serious while no symptoms are apparent, and in the majority of these cases the family history is good. In such the pa- tients have often been heard to say in the most non- chalant manner that they, he or she, will kill themselves. This is most buy silagra characteristic of suicidal mania, and to my mind the most conclusive evidence of autohyp- notism^this one idea has become automatic. If at the time the patient makes this statement you ask him a question relative to the line of thought previ- ously pursued, you will notice that he will take it up at once, showing that the statement " I will kill my- self M is not the result of thought or that he is con- scious of having uttered these words, but it is an example of purely automatic speech, the result of one idea becoming mechanically constant. Thus, the act of self-destruction becomes an unconscious one and, therefore, is not a crime in the eyes of law, or God, nor does it require courage, because there is no ap- preciation of pain; and so the delicate woman, re- fined as she is, will, when buy cheap silagra in this condition, inflict ghastly wounds upon herself or take the most deadly drugs and calmly lay herself down to die. Autohypnotism is not necessarily a disease, and only becomes so when the dominant idea is a dis- eased one and is of such a character as to suggest the abnormal, either criminal or pathologic. Of course heredity and ill-health predispose the char- acter of the idea. The only external cause to be considered is the suggestion, and I will discuss its relative importance later. As an example of auto- hypnotism in health let us take a child bodily and mentally normal and having no hereditary taint. If this child be a male, naturally, suggestions of manly habits and occupations will appeal to it, but if a fe- silagra 50 mg male, suggestions of its mother's duties will be more readily accepted. So, we see the little girl becom- ing the mother of her dolls, or imitating the mother's generic silagra duties about the home, while in the boy we see silagra cipla an embryo mechanic, if his father silagra tablets be one, or whatever the father's work is as a man, you will find reflected in the boy's play as a child. Thus, the father's oc- cupation suggests the boy's, and the idea becomes dominant in the latter, order silagra online to show its fruit later in life unless some counter-suggestion destroys it by becom- ing the stronger, when the mind and character change for the man's. What is thus demonstrable Digitized by Google May 7, 1898] AUTOHYPNOTISM. 581 in the healthy mind is equally as true of the dis- eased mind. Autohypnotism as a disease resulting from unhealthful suggestions does not necessarily re- sult in self-destruction, but the result of all unhealthful thought is mental disease direct, and bodily disease indirect. As the result of automaticity of suggested thought there may be almost any condition. Suicide is the result of constant suggested thought of self- destruction. Hysteria sometimes results from the constant dwelling of the mind upon disease; and it is believed

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