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by some authorities that even organic changes result from this constant concentration of the mind upon disease. Then there are all kinds of simple manias, as the mania of self-adornment which leads the rich to kleptomania and the poor to steal; the mania for notoriety and publicity, which indirectly leads to crime, as men and women in the higher levocetirizine montelukast circles some- times commit indecent and immoral acts for a little cheap notoriety, suggested by the acts of people who have no regard for morals. At present we have a most laughable mania which has become epidemic in political life, viz., "The Jingo Mania, " a mania the politician has for purchase singulair online getting cheap newspaper ad- vertising, singulair price which throws him into such a trance that he gets up in public assemblies and makes wild, in- coherent, illogical, and sensational statements, and goes home to read his reconstructed and rewritten speech in some daily paper and is hypnotized into believing that he is a statesman. This is, unfortu- nately, an autohypnotism which never leads to self- destruction. The publicity then, of acts and speech when crim- inal or inciting to crime is a suggestion to weak and receptive minds, whether hereditary or due to ill health, which singulair mg results in imitation. As an illustration of this the following is interesting: A few months ago in the city of Washington and throughout the country there were a number of suicides singulair tablets among young women, following each other in rapid succes- sion, and the telegraphic despatches invariably said: "That Miss , having read with much interest an account of the suicide of Miss , shot herself M or took her life in some other manner. As a strange coincidence they always used the montelukast price same methods and went about the act in the same way as was suggested to them after reading the sensational accounts. This occurred in a circle of refined, educated women where no cause other than ill-health montelukast tablet could be as- signed, and it is logical to presume that if these women could have been montelukast sodium tablets guarded against these sug- gestions while mentally irresponsible they would have scorned such an idea after regaining their nor- mal condition of health and such immunity as a healthy mind enjoys against such unhealthful imagery and its results. I give this only as an illustration of one of the many manias due to autohypnotism from suggestions arising from publicity of criminal "news." In the therapy of all mental disease we recognize as the first and most important step, the general tonic and rest treatment, to bring physical conditions back to normal; and in addition it is desirable that the patient has a change of scene and occupation with mental rest. This is done with but one object in view, viz. , to eliminate the predominant thought or idea which is constantly suggesting itself to the pa- tient — if it be suicidal mania, the idea of self-destruc- order singulair tion, if it be hysteric, that he has some disease, and so on. Of course, we recognize the fact that the ideal treatment of all diseases is to remove generic singulair the cause; but, unfortunately, the exciting cause here is known to be suggestion from without, and I maintain that the most potent cause is publicity given to the cases of these unfortunates in the daily press and also in problematic and suggestive books, cheap editions of which flood the country. Alcohol and narcotic poisons are responsible in a small buy singulair way. The first causes mentioned, which could be so easily remedied, we must endure for fear of infring- ing upon the liberty of a few persons and sensational journals. While the laws give us a right to fight bodily contagion and go to any limit in restriction of personal liberties when quarantining against order singulair online con- tagious diseases, yet when an epidemic arises which threatens the morals of the nation and we offer any remedy which means death montelukast tablets to the crime-producing ' ' micro- organisms, " a lot of selfish politicians and blood-thirsty journals arise and say " its unconsti- tutional. " In addition to the usual treatment of mental de- rangements which are purely functional, it has oc- curred to me that instead purchase singulair of accentuating the dull, morbid condition by the administration of large doses of depressing drugs, it is more desirable to give some form of mental gymnastics that will coun- teract as much as possible the dominant idea which in itself is the disease. This singulair cost is of two-fold value; it destroys the automaticity and constancy of the pre- dominating thought and produces a mental tire that is most conducive to natural sleep. For example: Suppose you have a patient who is bent upon self- destruction. Of course, as a matter of precaution, the patient is constantly watched. Here you can convey to this patient's brain a contrary idea by and through any of his special senses. In such a case I would take advantage buy singulair online of two senses, sight and hear- ing. Give for cheap singulair an exercise the word ' ' life, ' ' which is to be repeated aloud a certain number of times during the day and can also be used as a written ex- Digitized by Google 5 82 Dr. SEGUIN'S CONTRIBUTIONS TO singulair online MEDICINE. buy cheap singulair [Medical News ereise. If the patient refuses to either speak or write,

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