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Digitized by Google SU DR. SEGUIN'S CONTRIBUTIONS TO MEDICINE. [Medical New* spastic spinal paralysis has led to the study and to buy cheap ivermectin the recognition of many different forms of diseases of the central nervous system, and has been more hotly discussed than, perhaps, any other clinical type. It is well to insist upon Seguin's merits in this controversy, for European writers have done him scant justice. There are other valuable papers on cervical para- plegia, on cerebral syphilis, on optic neuritis with myelitis, each containing careful clinical observa- tions. I hasten to pass from these to his contribu- tions to the therapeutics of nervous diseases; for I believe that in the history of neurology Seguin's fame will rest largely upon his efforts in the treat- ment stromectol canada of a class of diseases which stromectol 3 mg the general prac- titioner has always considered thoroughly unpromis- ing. stromectol for lice But let any one who is skeptical as to what can possibly generic stromectol be done for functional, and particularly for organic diseases of the nervous system, read over these various papers of Seguin, and he will acknowl- edge that neurologists may achieve victories in the treatment as well as in the diagnosis of the affec- tions. While the subject of this brief review had an un- usual faith in drugs, he was by no means obtuse to other methods of treatment. The surgical furor seized him in his earlier years, stromectol online as it has so many others. As long ago as 1873 he proposed the "ex- cision of the cords which go to form the brachial plexus in "a case of traumatic buy cheap stromectol brachial neuralgia." The history of this patient is given in masterly detail, and the case itself seemed to have interested the surgical lights of the day. The buy stromectol online operation was carried out according to Seguin' s idea, and though it failed of its purpose, I refer to it to show that Abbe's in- traspinal section of the posterior roots for the relief of neuralgic pain performed a few years ago was carried out on the lines underlying Seguin' s plan in this case. Unfortunately, Abbe's more radical operation was not more successful. A lecture, still of great value, was delivered at the College of Physicians and Surgeons in 1874, on "General Therapeutics of the Nervous System. " The author showed therein that he had not only stromectol purchase unbounded faith in medicinal agents, but that he advocated the administration of drugs to their physiologic limits. In the lecture just referred to he advocates the free use of quinin as a spinal excitant, and the frequent use of the drug as a tonic in late years is to be attributed to Seguin' s recommendation. The same is true of phosphorus, which he considered the restorative par excellence in diseases of the nervous system. Quinin is also considered as a cerebral excitant — a claim that might be substantiated; but one is apt to be a little skeptical as to the validity of his proof when it is merely stated that "Dr. Draper has given small doses of ivermectin stromectol the medicine to two well-known clergy- men, with the result of restoring their cheap stromectol power of ex- temporaneous speaking. ' ' His suggestion regarding conium and the bromids have been followed by thousands, and were so thoroughly rational that they were adopted by many without hesitation. It is worth noting that in Seguin' s opinion the bromids were not contraindicated in anemia. He buy ivermectin insisted upon the absence of the palate reflex as a test of the drug, but I am not able to state positively whether or not this test originated with him. Counter - irritation was warmly advocated, with special reference to the blister and actual-cautery. He believed that " counter-irritants almost always act through the spinal cord, and their mode of action is exemplified by a morbid process that takes place as a consequence of severe burns. ' ' Patients are endan- gered by visceral complications which occur in parts bearing a definite relation to the burn. " Brown- S£quard demonstrated that by cutting across the spinal cord above the region of the nerves going to the order stromectol burned part no visceral lesions occurred, thus proving that these lesions were set up by a morbid state of the spinal cord, produced by the burn. The burn cor- responds to our counter-irritation." This explan- ation may stromectol price hold good for deep blistering, but for sup- erficial irritation, caused by the actual-cautery, it is insufficient, and Seguin protested against any but superficial cauterization. Surface irritation must act upon the superficial nerve filaments. For my own part, I believe that the effect of counter-irritation has been much over-rated, in the treatment of stromectol for scabies spinal af- fections at least. It is often palliative, rarely cura- tive. In electricity, Seguin said that he had the great- est faith, within certain limits, in the power of farad- ism and galvanism as remedial agents, and to this faith I know he adhered in later years. scabies stromectol Excellent order stromectol online service was rendered the medical pro- fession by the publication in 1877 of an article on "The stromectol uk Abuse and Use stromectol buy of the Bromids." If I had my way about it, this essay should be reprinted and re- distributed at least once a year; for the bromids are still used altogether too frequently. Neurologists have limited the administration of these drugs to the cases in which depressant action is desired, but, I fear many medical men still use the bromids for the

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