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achievements, though they include a few failures, the good work that was done by him as a teacher of students and as the chief of his clinic, and you can well understand synthroid mcg why his influence on the medical men of the present day and on the younger school of neu- rology has been so buy synthroid synthroid mg powerful. It is greatly to Seguin' s credit that he steered mid- way between the therapeutic nihilism of the German school and the extravagant claims made for various therapeutic measures by unthinking medical men in this and other countries. Hypnotism and metallo- therapy interested him, but he was not led astray by them. It seemed only with reference to the re- lation of the ocular muscles to functional neuroses, that his former calm judgment forsook him. His Digitized by VjOOQLC 586 DIET FOR CONSUMPTIVES. [Medical Nbwb acquaintance with German literature prevented his becoming an abject follower of the French, and he was too cosmopolitan in his views to be a disciple of any one school. He may truly be said to have been a synthroid levothyroxine leader of neurologic thought. Since 1890, little work emanated from his pen, but he still con- tinued in active practice until 1894, when the first symptoms of his last painful illness appeared, which led to his death on February 19, price of synthroid 1898. It is en- tirely fit that we should do homage to a man who, where to buy synthroid in spite of some shortcomings, was an unusually capable worker in the field purchase synthroid online of medicine, and whose professional skill was of the highest order. CLINICAL LECTURE. DIET FOR CONSUMPTIVES, By REYNOLD W. WILCOX, M.D., OP NEW YORK! PROFE380R OP MEDICINE AND synthroid online THERAPEUTICS IN THE NEW YORK POST-GRADUATE MEDICAL SCHOOL AND HOSPITAL. Gentlemen : — You have just had an opportunity of examining a number of cases of pulmonary tuberculosis. If I were asked, in patients of this particular class, what was the most important thing to be done, I would say, "feed them." It is more important than climate. Feed- ing stands in the first place, but it presents more difficul- ties than perhaps synthroid cheap any other phase of the treatment. You may talk as much as you wish about tuberculosis being an infectious disease; there is no doubt that any system of treatment which deals with tuberculosis as an infec- tion and which ignores the patient, is going to fail. That has been the fault with the laboratory men, but order synthroid it is a fault which they are fast correcting. The findings of the laboratory deal with the condition of the disease ; we, as physicians, cannot afford to ignore the patient. Without going into the question of pulmonary antiseptics ; without going into the questions in relation to the value of par- ticular drugs in their direct action on the results of the activity of the tubercle bacilli, or upon the elimination of ptomains, we shall consider the question of prime im- purchase synthroid portance, /. e. , the feeding of the patient. Two years ago, a reporter from buy cheap synthroid one of our disgraceful daily papers came to me and said: "Last Sunday we published an estimation of the number of bacteria that were in the different bacteriological laboratories of the city, and spoke of the great danger that would accrue to the city if the cholera bacilli were emptied into the reser- voir, and the tubercle generic synthroid bacilli were spread in the street cars, and of the serious results that would occur if all these pathogenic bacteria in the various laboratories were put where they could attack human beings. We want in next Sunday's issue to publish statements from clinicians and physicians as to what would happen if this thing should take place." Replying categorically to the ques- tion as to what would happen, I said: "Nothing at all." You can sow all the wheat and corn and rye you like in the alkali desert of Arizona, and they will not grow be- cause there is not the proper soil there for them. In the same way, you can sow all the tubercle bacilli you like in the lungs, and they will not grow unless there is a proper soil for them. If infection has occurred, you can dis- courage its progress by rendering the soil unfit for the growth of the bacilli. A well-known physician who has, as his fad, a cost of synthroid farm, told me that he had been having a great deal of trouble with some fine peach trees because they had been attacked with synthroid tablets the "yellows" — a parasitic disease. He had applied all sorts of antiparasitic remedies to the trees, but they still had the "yellows." On synthroid buy online general principles, I thought if he would dig around his tre^s and put in some fertilizer, he might order synthroid online see the "yellows" disappear. He did this, and the disease disappeared without any further use of the antiparasitic remedies, and he had an abundant crop of peaches the next fall. This is a homely illustration of what may occur in tuberculosis patients. There are two old proverbs about the question of feed- ing. The first is this: "A patient who has but little ap- petite needs to be synthroid cost very carefully fed. " The second is an old French proverb which, when translated, reads: "Ap- petite comes on eating." A great many patients will say that they cannot eat, yet if you encourage them to start, before they get .through the meal they will have a very respectable appetite. Of all the systems that have synthroid price been advanced for feeding tuberculous patients, any system

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