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which departs markedly from the proper proportion of proteids, carbohydrates and fats is not a wise one. The raw-beef and hot- water treatment has been applied to tuberculous patients in this city for many years. I have seen them before they went under this treatment, and I have seen them — or cialis generico tadacip rather what has been left of them — after they have been through it. The treatment fails in a large proportion of cases tadacip 20 price india because the amount of albu- minous material is so great that it overtaxes the indi- vidual in its elimination. There is, however, a mode of treatment, with which I had a good deal of personal ex- perience some years tadacip price in india ago, and which I occasionally em- ploy at the present time. In 1882, when I was studying in Paris under Dujardin- Beaumetz, we tried the Debove method of treatment by overfeeding. We had under observation between fifty and sixty patients tadacip by cipla suffering from tuberculosis. We took lean meat, removed all the gristle and tendon and a good deal of the fat. It was then chopped finely and dried in an oven at a temperature of 1 50 until it was ab- solutely dry. When this had occurred, the temperature was raised a little, say to between 165 and 180 — pas- teurized, if you will. When this meat had been made absolutely dry, which took a number of hours, it was ground up in a mortar and sifted. Six tadacip erectalis 20 mg tabletten pounds of raw beef treated in that way would bring us about one pound of beef-powder. Then we would pass the stomach-tube into the patient and wash out the stomach. Beginning with three-quarters of a pound of the beef-powder, which represents about six times that amount of beef, we tadalafil tadacip 20 mg added three times as much milk. This was left in the stomach. At first, this meal was given twice a day, and the amount was increased until the patient took from one to one and a half pounds of beef-powder and four or dyt Digitized by Google May 7, 1898] DIET FOR CONSUMPTIVES. 587 pints of milk in a day. If there was trouble in digesting this, we started out without the milk, and added a little tadacip 20 mg uk diluted hydrochloric acid to the meat. We used to take apparently hopeless cases of laryngeal tadacip (generic cialis) and pulmonary tuberculosis and feed them in that way, and they would gain flesh and the tuberculosis would remain stationary, on the other hand, it required a very active watchfulness on the part of the physician to prevent the disagreeable consequences of over- feeding. We had to consider the digestive powers of the individual, the occurrence of in- testinal decomposition and the curdling of the milk. In my practice at the present time, I reserve this tadacip 5 mg De- bove method solely for one class of patients, /'. e. , those who suffer from tuberculous laryngitis, where every act of swallowing buy tadacip canada and of coughing is painful. By applying a small amount of cocain buy tadacip uk to the larynx the tube can be passed without pain, and enough of the prepared food can be put in the stomach to nourish the tadacip erectalis 20 mg patient for twenty- four hours. In tadacip pille 20mg cialis generika this way you will save a great deal of discomfort. This is the only class of cases in which I use this method of feeding at the present time. It cialis generika tadacip has one advantage, and that is of inestimable value in certain cases. It is a curious fact, but where a patient suffers so much from tuberculous laryngitis that vomiting is an ex- ceedingly distressing symptom, it is extremely rare that the patients vomit when the food is introduced with a stomach-tube. Why they should not vomit when the material is given through the stomach-tube and yet vomit when it is taken by the mouth in the tadacip 5mg online ordinary way, I can- not say, but the observation is founded on large clinical experience. On the other hand, the care required in car- rying on this treatment, and the disadvantages mentioned make me reserve it for the class of cases referred to. The true diet of a patient suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis I believe should consist of meats, starches, and fats, with an excess of the last, and a certain amount of phosphates. There are several things to be considered. tadacip 20mg generic cialis According to the English writers, patients who suffer from a slight infiltration at the right apex suffer frequently from vomiting, which apparently occurs without cause ; hence, the majority of these patients are treated as dys- peptics. I have seen a number of those patients, and have always succeeded in demonstrating that there were physical signs at the right apex which warranted the be- tadacip online kaufen lief that we were dealing with an interstitial pulmonary tuberculosis. Competent clinicians, however, tell me that there are patients buy cheap tadacip in whom no physical signs can be demonstrated , and yet who suffer from this form of vom- iting, which the English call "the pre- tuberculous vom- iting," and they are of the opinion that the gastric irritability antedates the tuberculous infection. I believe they are wrong, but I am open to conviction. Why it should occur with consolidation at the right apex rather than at the left, I do not know, but the fact remains. These cases are often treated up to the time of the forma- tion of cavities without a proper realization of the true condition. We now have stomach generika-apotheke tadacip specialists and I presume that we shall have scrotum specialists some day, and 1 see no reason why not — they are both "bags." The really im- portant digestive processes take place in the intestine and, according to Carteret, in a statement published in 1870, and which I believe is as true now as then, in seventy per cent, of all patients suffering from digestive disturbance, the trouble is due to faulty digestion of the starches. This means that the difficulty is connected with the mouth and the small intestine, and not with the stomach, to any great extent We see, therefore, why attention to a particular organ is very apt to mislead.

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