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Again Schlatter's recent operation shows that the stomach can be excised and the patient gain weight and get along very well. His patient has been alive since the first of last October. A dog from whom the stomach was removed in Heidelberg, lived for five months, and never found out that he had no stomach. If he had been more intelligent, and had known that his stomach was gone, the chances are that he would have pined away, or con- sulted a stomach specialist. I have been in the habit for a number of tenormin 25 mg years of using food for a purpose which is not originally contemplated in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis. A great order tenormin online many patients awaken in the morning bathed in a cold, and clammy perspiration. If you go to the health re- sorts and sit at generic tenormin table with a colony of one-lunged people, the first question that they ask one another is, not regard- ing order tenormin how much they coughed through the night, but "how about the sweating last night?" Nothing discourages an old tuberculous patient so much as to find that he is bathed in this cold, clammy perspiration. This can be done away with in a large proportion of cases. If you will awaken the patient at about four o'clock in the morn- ing sufficiently to take a glass of warm milk, with a little alcohol in it, the sweating will be greatly reduced, and it will not have the sanfe demoralizing effect upon him. In this way you get a little extra food into the patient, and at the same time prevent the prostration which is associ- ated with this sweating. The secret of feeding tuberculous patients is to give them light and nutritious food and food which is easily digestible, feeding them "early and often." I have buy cheap tenormin been in the habit of separating the meals into those containing the cheapest tenormin bulk of the starchy food and meals containing the bulk of the proteids. I have always been in the habit of giving the patient three hours, or three hours and a half in which to digest the heavier meals, so as to be sure that the stomach is fairly emptied before the next consignment of food goes into it. About seven o'clock in the morning the patient's day begins ; and I give them first a glass of warm milk (not hot), and I put into this a tablespoonful of strong coffee, made according to the French method. Or, if buy tenormin online the patient is exhausted from a bad night, I give instead of the coffee, a dessertspoonful of rum or other spirit. But you should first mix it with a little water, because if you place a spirit containing forty or fifty tenormin tablet per cent, of alcohol directly into milk, it will cause a certain amount of coagulation, and render the milk more or less indigestible. It is. there- fore, important to mix tenormin online the rum with two tablespoonfuls of water before adding it to the milk. In my tenormin syrup medical student days in Boston, we were ac- Google Digitized by 588 DIET FOR CONSUMPTIVES. [Medical News customed to go to hear that great theological tenormin atenolol acrobat, Reverend Joseph Cook, who used to deliver a talk on Mondays. In this audience there was always a large collection of short-haired women and long-haired men. One day, he came into Tremont Temple with an tgg in one hand, a glass in the other, and a bottle sticking out of his pocket — in fact, he looked quite sociable. He pro- ceeded to put the white of the tgg into the tumbler, and to pour his absolute alcohol into the tgg albumin. Of course, the albumin was coagulated. According to him, the albumin represented the brain of a drunkard. With- out wasting time to go into all the details, I may say that he ended up by getting complete coagulation of the al- tenormin 25mg bumin in his tumbler, and then he announced that that was the stage when a sot beat his wife, turned her into the street, lay in the street himself, dead drunk, and later be- came a public charge. It was very dramatic and very in- teresting, and had just enough of truth in it to make it a first-rate lie. It is true, however, that alcohol when insufficiently di- luted does render albumin a little insoluble and a little more difficult to cheap tenormin digest, but, as a rule, the stimulating purchase tenormin online effect of the alcohol outweighs that disadvantage. It is well enough to remember the practical point and forget all about the Rev. Joseph Cook, who is not a scientific authority. Next, we come to the breakfast that is' taken at about nine o'clock. The patient should have eggs, cooked in purchase tenormin any way except fried. If the patient insists upon having them fried, fry them according to the Italian way, i.e. in olive oil. They are then much less indigestible than when fried in pig refuse, called lard. Butter is all right, but the melting temperature of butter being a good deal higher than that of olive oil, some of the fatty acids in the butter may be decomposed. However, flutter is vastly tenormin iv better than lard. They may also be allowed some bread, and sometimes they tenormin 50mg like marmalade, as it is grateful to their parched mouths. Finnan haddie, tuberculous patients like pretty well, when it is cured by smoking and without salt, and although not the correct thing theoretically, it seems to agree with them. Toasted bread may also be buy tenormin given, or good rolls, but the latter must not be hot. Bread and butter, milk and coffee may be used for variety. About eleven o'clock the patient has the second break- fast, which usually consist of a little cocoa from which the fat has been taken out. Cocoa butter is about the most indigestible fat there is, therefore tenormin 25 it should be removed, or else predigested. The patient may also have coffee, a little bread, a little soup or a little beef-extract. An egg- nog is permissible, and kumyss or matzoon is often ac- ceptable. The dinner should be served about one o'clock in the

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