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bed field hospital can be attained, having a large cen- tral area or middle room for storage of medical and surgical field cases and other supplies, and for accom- modation of desk, bedside tables and chairs. If this central rectangular space were flanked by an addi- tional hospital tent, accommodation would be af- forded for a mess-room, and a storage or general utility room. (3) Other appurtenances to a field hospital consist of a mess chest, food chest, com- mode chest, field desk, and folding field furniture (chairs, cots, and tables), litters, pack-saddles, Red Cross ambulances and how much do trazodone cost animals. The flag for a field hospital is made of white bunting, six by four feet, with a red cross of bunting three feet high and three feet wide in the buy trazodone hcl center, the arms of the cross being twelve inches wide. The flags for ambulances generic trazodone cost and guidons to mark the way to field hospitals are made of white bunting twenty-eight by sixteen inches, with a red cross of bunting twelve inches high and twelve inches wide in the center, arms of cross being four inches wide. Thus it will be seen that preliminary generic trazodone online to consolidation into brigades and divisions how much does trazodone cost each regi- buy trazodone hydrochloride ment as an organization has a complete field hos- pital equipment capable of consolidation into brig- ade or division hospitals, and oi being expanded or contracted to suit every possible contingency. A roster of the medical and hospital corps of the Tampa Division gives our present strength as fol- lows: Eight commissioned medical officers, 1 hos- pital steward, 10 acting hospital stewards, and 39 privates. Our ranking medical officer, Major Benja- min F. Pope, has been assigned as chief surgeon of the Tampa Division. He enters upon his important functions with a ripened experience begotten of actual war service in the sixties as Assistant Surgeon, Tenth New York Heavy cheap trazodone no prescription Artillery, trazodone discount coupon and of field ser- vice in the West in numerous Indian campaigns and of other responsible functions in trazodone cost without insurance the regular estab- lishment for more than thirty years past. Major Pope as chief surgeon of the Tampa Division, com- manded by Brigadier-General James F. Wade and under instructions from Surgeon-General Sternberg, has arranged for the establishment of one buy trazodone online no prescription division hospital with generic trazodone 50 mg a present capacity of sixty beds to be Digitized by Google May 7> 1898] MILITARY AND CIVIC HOSPITALS OF CUBA. 59' placed under the management of a division surgeon. Brigade surgeons will also be appointed but without formation of brigade hospitals, and to buy trazodone online uk each regiment will be assigned one surgeon, and from these regi- mental surgeons, details by twos will be made as assistant surgeons at the division hospital for speci- fied terms (probably two weeks) without relief from their regimental duties. The division hospital will thus consist buy trazodone uk of 1 surgeon, 2 assistant surgeons and the whole personnel of the hospital corps of the seven regiments, and their several field hospital equipments, retaining at regimental headquarters, only one medical and one surgical field chest, one wall tent, and one folding chair and stand. In an emergency the services of any or all buy trazodone regimental and battalion surgeons may be required at divisional head- quarters. A picket ambulance will buy trazodone generic always be in readiness at the division hospital to respond to any calls from regimental surgeons for the conveyance of the sick to the command in need of hospital treat- ment. Many interesting problems will be presented for solution by the medical corps should this campaign be carried into Cuba. Such, for instance, as trans- portation of wounded on an island where roads do not exist for ambulance carriage, and where yellow fever is indigenous and where, according to assever- ations of intelligent native Cubans now resident here the hospital flag and generic trazodone hcl brazzard (or arm badge) will not be respected by the belligerents. But these matters together with the sanitary ar- rangement of our cheap trazodone present camp, where we may remain for some buy trazodone sleep time will form material for a future article. In regard to sending into Cuba with our forces civilian physicians who are immune to yellow fever or at least acclimated by long residence in hot climates it will be of interest to know that twelve native Cuban physicians, refugees and at present resident here, have offered their services to the sur- geon-general, through Major Pope, and are willing to accompany us as acting assistant surgeons buy trazodone 50 mg into their native clime. THE MILITARY AND CIVIC HOSPITALS OF CUBA. 1 By W. F. BRUNNER, M.D., SANITARY INSPECTOR, U. 8. M. H. S. There are in Havana five military hospitals, the largest being the Alphonso XIII., which has a capac- ity of 3320 beds. It is built of wood on the pavil- ion plan, and is situated on a high eminence in the outskirts of the city, and is well removed from all other buildings. Its equipment is almost perfect, having been constructed by a Spanish engineer who 1 Prom advance sheets of reports to the Supervising Surgeon- General United States Marine-Hospital Service.

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